Dishes for Christmas
Dishes for Christmas and New year What a New Year without sweets, especially if you have children who are waiting for the moment when the adults will be cut chic,…

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That means running for your consciousness
Although running is good for our spirit, we tend to think of it as a purely physical action. This is not so. Feet can carry us, hands help us move…

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Unusual wedding even more pleasant experience

You decided to get married, but the traditional scheme of the wedding does not inspire you and you want something more memorable than invitations, decent restaurant, white dress, contests Toastmasters and the bride?

In recent times, an increasing number of newlyweds say that conventional wedding celebration is not interested in them and want something unusual, that leaves good memories and the newlyweds and guests.

Many weddings can already claim the title of “unusual”. History knows a wedding in the supermarket, and weddings under water, and in a space suit, and in knightly style in a suit of armor. Unusual wedding ceremonies are held on the tarmac when the couple is together skydive.

At the heart of unusual wedding, of course, is an unusual scenario. Individual scripts that are written separately for each unusual wedding, it is difficult to classify, but it is possible to identify the main sources of inspiration, from which the lovers of unusual weddings find ideas.

The scenario of the wedding, based on the book or the film

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Crazy holidays in the world

Was walking through the forest man. Suddenly from the thicket runs grey wolf and says:

– Man, I’ll eat you!

– For what?

– Just like that.

– Don’t eat me, I’ll do what you say!

– Okay. If you can fulfill three wishes the first counter man, will remain intact. So we decided the. By the way, they met a woman. Wolf explained the situation to her and said:

– Your first wish, woman? Downcast eyes, she said:

– Man, I feel like it. A man with a great desire made her first wish. Downcast eyes, the woman and the second time said:

– Man, I still want. Gathering all his strength, the man complied and her second desire.

– Well, third? asked the wolf. Blushing, the woman whispered:

– I still want. The man knelt down, lowered his head and said:

– Eat me, wolf.

So, thank you, friends, for those men, which the wolves do not eat!

One young man met the old woman in the woods with a bundle of sticks.

– Oh, son, ‘ she turned to him, help me to bring home firewood, I’ll thank you.

– Why not help, ‘ agreed the man. Give me the firewood. They came to the hut, grandma and says:

You know, I’m a witch. So make what you want. I will grant your three wishes. The man was confused at first, but then I thought, and said:

I always wanted to have a Mercedes.

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“Russian student spring” became the brightest event of may


Two thousand students, sixty-regions – participants of all-Russian festival, not to mention the jury, the volunteers and the spectators. As it turned out, the youth arts enjoys an enviable popularity.

Last Friday, may 15, at the stadium of FEFU campus long-awaited event for many – Grand opening of the XXIII all-Russian festival «Russian student spring”. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky, the Senator from Primorsky Svetlana Goryacheva, Chairman of the Russian Council of youth Pavel Sergey Lavrov, Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, Mr Kaganov and more than three thousand people.

In absentia the opening ceremony was attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin – the meeting was opened with sent to the head of state telegram. «Student spring” gives young people a chance to Express themselves, to demonstrate their abilities in various fields — the music and choreography, theater arts and journalism. And, of course, “Student spring” — it is always bright, memorable holiday. I’m sure this forum will Continue reading