Useful Properties Of Chili Pepper
  Something I was recently on culinary topics pulled, more precisely, on grocery. Living in the tropics (and I'm there now and I live:)), I have become accustomed to the…

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How to win sports too lazy
  I first encountered the persistent reluctance to go to the gym at about the end of the fourth year of training. A little earlier I didn't want to drag…

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Crazy holidays in the world

Was walking through the forest man. Suddenly from the thicket runs grey wolf and says:

– Man, I’ll eat you!

– For what?

– Just like that.

– Don’t eat me, I’ll do what you say!

– Okay. If you can fulfill three wishes the first counter man, will remain intact. So we decided the. By the way, they met a woman. Wolf explained the situation to her and said:

– Your first wish, woman? Downcast eyes, she said:

– Man, I feel like it. A man with a great desire made her first wish. Downcast eyes, the woman and the second time said:

– Man, I still want. Gathering all his strength, the man complied and her second desire.

– Well, third? asked the wolf. Blushing, the woman whispered:

– I still want. The man knelt down, lowered his head and said:

– Eat me, wolf.

So, thank you, friends, for those men, which the wolves do not eat!

One young man met the old woman in the woods with a bundle of sticks.

– Oh, son, ‘ she turned to him, help me to bring home firewood, I’ll thank you.

– Why not help, ‘ agreed the man. Give me the firewood. They came to the hut, grandma and says:

You know, I’m a witch. So make what you want. I will grant your three wishes. The man was confused at first, but then I thought, and said:

I always wanted to have a Mercedes.

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The benefits of swimming in osteochondrosis


Swimming is considered a universal sport that treats almost all diseases, and restore overall vitality of the body. The combination of minimal external loads and physical relaxation, and work virtually every muscle in your body – this is the feature which you cannot achieve in any other classes. For example, running is the training of the hands and feet, the press is a static load on his stomach and chest, and during the voyage are working all the muscles and even internal systems, such as circulatory and respiratory. But special attention should be paid to the positive effects of swimming in osteochondrosis.

Why swimming effectively?

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Lose weight correctly – Nordic walking


I think to lose weight and get cheerfulness can only doing a run? Fashionable and efficient alternative – Nordic walking lessons.

In Nordic walking (NW) 20 million fans in different countries (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands). Russia is no exception. Today in the parks, embankments can often see people walking with poles similar to ski. Contraindications to the practice virtually none. Train can even pregnant, very full, and the elderly. The main thing – to observe the execution and the initial to listen (and repeat traffic!) coach.

With Nordic walking you can:

To lose weight, tighten the figure;

To normalize the level of blood pressure;

To reduce the number of “bad” cholesterol in the blood;

To strengthen the muscles and improve the functioning of the lungs;

To improve the immune system, memory;

Sleep better and boost self-confidence.

Step stress

Irina, editor, 34 years

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