The beneficial effects of honey on human body
  In ancient times, when primitive man tried the honey, he became a favorite and tasty treat. Time passed and the doctors noticed that the use of this product may…

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6 ideas for Breakfast
6 ideas for Breakfast Breakfast - a great opportunity to not only saturate the body before work, but also to show their creativity, pleased loved ones simple but delicious dishes.…

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“Russian student spring” became the brightest event of may


Two thousand students, sixty-regions – participants of all-Russian festival, not to mention the jury, the volunteers and the spectators. As it turned out, the youth arts enjoys an enviable popularity.

Last Friday, may 15, at the stadium of FEFU campus long-awaited event for many – Grand opening of the XXIII all-Russian festival «Russian student spring”. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky, the Senator from Primorsky Svetlana Goryacheva, Chairman of the Russian Council of youth Pavel Sergey Lavrov, Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, Mr Kaganov and more than three thousand people.

In absentia the opening ceremony was attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin – the meeting was opened with sent to the head of state telegram. «Student spring” gives young people a chance to Express themselves, to demonstrate their abilities in various fields — the music and choreography, theater arts and journalism. And, of course, “Student spring” — it is always bright, memorable holiday. I’m sure this forum will Continue reading

Carnivals in Italy


Over the successful conduct of the Venetian Carnival working the major cultural organizations of the city: the Biennale, Teatro La Fenice and Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The carnival, which will take place under the strict artistic direction of Marco Balik, will be called the “Sensation: 6 districts x 6 senses”. The festival programme – many activities in each of these areas will follow the routes, is most closely associated with the world of the senses.


Viareggio (province of Lucca, region Tuscany)

The protagonist of the Carnival in Viareggio will continue to be the Burlamacco. The Foundation of the Carnival celebrates its centenary of his ideological Continue reading

Festival of national cultures

Motto: everyone Has at home something like that, what you want to say in the hearing (M. Prishvin).

1. Objective: improving the culture of inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic relations in the younger generation, familiarizing students with the traditions of national cultures through the arts around the world.

• nurturing friendly relations to each other,

• to generate interest in the culture, national traditions and customs of different countries,

• to develop creative and communication skills,

• include in the process of working on a large project teams of students.

3. Form:

• exhibition of drawings

• country presentations – our neighbors

4. The organizer of the festival . SCHOOL № 9 Continue reading

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Features of adaptation to submaximal physical exercise capacity in conditions of iodine
Features of adaptation to submaximal physical exercise capacity in conditions of iodine deficiency Doctor of biology, Professor A. D. tsikunib . Candidate of biological Sciences B. Dzhrivakh. S. R. Kajtmesova,…


Dishes for Christmas
Dishes for Christmas and New year What a New Year without sweets, especially if you have children who are waiting for the moment when the adults will be cut chic,…

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