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6 ideas for Breakfast
6 ideas for Breakfast Breakfast - a great opportunity to not only saturate the body before work, but also to show their creativity, pleased loved ones simple but delicious dishes.…

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Dishes for Christmas
Dishes for Christmas and New year What a New Year without sweets, especially if you have children who are waiting for the moment when the adults will be cut chic,…

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Proper breathing How to breathe properly during workouts

The air is life. As you know without water a person can live several days without food for a few weeks but without air won’t last 5 minutes. It would seem that each of us is able to breathe, but whether we do this, especially when it comes to physical activity?

It turns out that scientifically it has been proven that most people breathe correctly exclusively during sleep, when breathing occurs unconsciously, and the body is in a relaxed state. During the active period of the person’s breath is far from ideal. Breathing often strays

that affects the entire body, primarily the brain and heart.

Most often short of breath in moments some power loads, not whether it is a rising of the bar or hike the stairs to the fourth floor.

It should be noted that proper breathing during sports activities greatly increases the effectiveness of your workout, saturates the body with sufficient oxygen, allows him to recover faster after a grueling loads, makes muscles stronger, fitter and most importantly.

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The beneficial effects of honey on human body


In ancient times, when primitive man tried the honey, he became a favorite and tasty treat. Time passed and the doctors noticed that the use of this product may affect lifespan. In ancient Egyptian the book, which is more than 3500 years, describes in detail a lot of recipes and tips for using honey. It was used for treatment of various diseases of the stomach and lung, renal colic and skin lesions, eye and other diseases.

Kievan Rus has issued a number of statutes relating to bee-keeping, then

known as beekeeping. They entered the “Russian truth”- the code of laws of the state. The heyday of bee-keeping in Russia came in the 16th century, when this trade began to engage entire villages. Tasty and useful product was the best product on the domestic market of the state and outside of Kievan Rus. Eastern countries Continue reading

Bodybuilding where to start


Bodybuilding will help thin to recover. fat – to lose weight, the weak become strong, and for women it may be the way to finding a beautiful, toned figure, and to perform all of these people will be the same exercise – that is the universality of bodybuilding.

General provisions

The maximum rate of muscle gain is approximately 1.5 kg per month. On this

number you can count to beginners in the first few months of training, observing all rules of a successful set of muscles. Further muscle growth will be reduced to approximately 5 kg per year or less. To accelerate the growth of muscles can high-quality food. competent training, plenty of rest and, if necessary, an anabolic steroid, but more on that later.

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