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Appetizer of calamari.


Appetizer – jellied squid

Seafood is universal. Of these, prepare salads and even cook soups. Usually, snack – jellied squid cooked with carrot, green peas. Taste the jelly, as a rule, neutral. We went the other way – made Jell-o spicy-spicy. Believe me, tender squid becomes like pouring delicious!

To cook jellied squid, you will need:

Squid (medium size) – 3 carcass

Onion – 1pc.

Vegetable oil – about 2-3st.l.

Sesame oil – 1H.l.

In China, India, Egypt, sesame oil is revered as an elixir of health. Try mixing olive oil with sesame oil, add the lemon juice and season with any salad. Then you will understand why the best Asian cuisine to be cooked with this oil.

Egg (large) – 1pc.

Gelatin – 1st.l.

Celery – 1-2 sprigs with leaves.

Spices: pepper mix.

Chili pepper – 1-2. (for jellies and for decoration).

Wine vinegar about 50ml.

Soy sauce, or salt to taste.

The egg in this dish plays the role of “soft” mantle, under which hides a savoury snack.

To cook jellied squid can be as follows:

Scald the squid with boiling water to clean the seafood. They will immediately become clean and white. Soak gelatin in accordance with instructions.

Carcass cut into rings of medium size.

In a deep pan pour oil blend. If no sesame oil – not a problem. Try with the usual refined vegetable. There pour in the wine vinegar, add sliced onion, pepper, salt or soy sauce. Place squid rings and sweat them on medium heat in this delicious sauce.

Do not keep them long on the stove. Rings should be tender and not rubber! Enough 3-4 minutes.

Carefully remove the rings with a bow.

Calculate the volume of liquid to make the filling-jelly. If necessary, add a little water, salt and sugar if required. Mix the sauce-fill with warm (but not boiling!) gelatin. A little heat, but not boil the liquid. Let all the ingredients mingle well with each other. Wait to fill cooled.

Grate the egg and mix it with finely chopped celery. Put in a jelly form for the first layer. On top lay the squid rings and gently pour the cooled liquid.

Put to harden in the fridge. Before removing the jelly from the mold, dip the aspic of squid in hot water. It is immediately behind the wall and literally “POPs up” on the dish.

Garnish with jelly and serve.

You can vary the snack by adding in the composition of small fish or mussels. Gourmets advise to try jellied calamari with Dijon mustard . Gentle seasoning blends perfectly with this dish.