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Red cabbage marinated

Hello friends! Continue to prepare for the new year holidays and today I want to offer you a quick appetizer that is simply irreplaceable on the festive table. Red cabbage marinated in a festive day or a day before, will not take much time to prepare.

Products for marinated cabbage

red cabbage — 1.5 kg

the large carrot – 1 PC

garlic — 2-3 cloves

salt — 1 tbsp

Marinade 500 ml water:

sugar — 2 tbsp

whole coriander — 1 tbsp

cumin — 0.5 St. l

black pepper — 5 tablespoons

Apple cider vinegar — 150 ml

Bay leaf

Cooking cabbage marinated

I must say that this recipe is marinating can also be used for white cabbage.

Since red cabbage is coarser cabbage, chop it as finely as possible. I always took advantage of his shredding the knife sliced quickly and small.

The cabbage will pickle in an enamel pot or glass, but in any case not aluminum.

Garlic press out through the frog or grind in any way. Purified carrot grate long thin wedges, as for the carrots in Korean and mix with salt. RUB in to the juice we don’t need: the marinade will do its job without it, and the cabbage stays crispy and juicy.

Make marinade.

In a pot boil water, add sugar, Bay leaf, coriander, cumin and black pepper. Boil the spices for 2-3 minutes, then pour Apple cider vinegar, bring to a boil and remove from heat.

The recipe was vegetable oil, but honestly, I don’t understand its function in the marinade. Can you tell me and I will add )). In the meantime, I prefer homemade flavored sunflower oil to pour pickled cabbage just before serving, as in the recipe for sauerkraut with apples .

Pour the hot marinade over the cabbage through a sieve to filter out the spices , the flavoring option is already fulfilled. Make sure the liquid covers the cabbage or was at her level. I even added a sprig of green cilantro.

Give natural way to cool down the marinade, cover the bowl with a lid and refrigerate. After 4 hours, the pickled cabbage is ready! Marinated cabbage can be stored for a long time, but I doubt that it will be late )).

Crispy and juicy with incredible flavor and color of the cabbage is likely to attract the attention of your guests!

That quick red cabbage marinated and ready to eat will be on your Desk. Cut into thin half-rings onions and pour the marinated cabbage flavored with vegetable oil. For variety, I recommend a combination like this cabbage with thin slices of pickled cucumbers .