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Every day the woman thinks about what to cook for dinner . The cooking takes several hours on a daily basis. Want to see dishes like loved ones, to make…

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Simple salads
Salad "the thorn birds" 1. Package of cherry tomatoes cut into halves. 2. Lettuce cut into medium-sized strips. 3. Onion cut into half rings. 4. Grate natiraem a bit, any…

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Christmas meat dishes

Christmas meat dishes, the most delicious recipes

Important in preparation for the celebration of the New year, not only where and with whom You will meet, what you will wear, what toys will be on your tree is important as the table, the most delicious dishes, you’ll surprise loved ones…

New year 2015 – according to the Eastern horoscope the year of the goat. Though the Goat and being a vegetarian, but coming up with the menu for new year’s table of course want to add the good old meat dishes and experiment with new!

We’ll try a little bit to help you with that, toss a couple of new ideas. So, Christmas meat dishes, the most delicious recipes for the New year 2015

Duck wrapped in bacon

Meat dish is amazingly tasty, and prepared quickly and easily. You dreamed about it?

Then quickly run to the store and buy the following products: duck breast – one piece (weighing about half a kilo), bacon, cut into thin slices – the number of servings, about 12 pieces. If you have a home slicer – just buy a slab of bacon (preferably long and narrow, so that when cutting the strips turned out).

Duck breast cut into cubes (cut the square of side 3 cm). RUB the wedges with salt, pepper, spices to taste (more mayonnaise and mustard) and would wrap them in strips of bacon.

Spread on a baking sheet, pour a little broth or water, cover with foil and bake in preheated oven for half an hour. Dish serve hot, with garnish.

Christmas meat dishes: Gypsy schnitzel

For each of the schnitzels (it is recommended to make a dish for the main course, only one or maximum two schnitzels on the guest) take two pieces (slices) of ham and one of cheese.

Ideally the slices were the same size: you can “adjust” the size of the knife, or to cut each piece with a mold for canapés.

We put the products in the following order: ham-cheese-ham. Dip cheese in egg, then in breadcrumbs, then egg again and breadcrumbs again. Quickly fry in hot oil on both sides and immediately serves a new year’s dish for the guests!


The name is funny, the meat is delicious, juicy, and cook it very easy.

Take about a kilogram of pork best loin, 2 pounds of onions. You will also need salt, pepper, mayonnaise. Extra spices and herbs, even your favorite, for the preparation of Cipollino better not to use. We must retain the unique flavor combination of pork and onions.

So the recipe: onion we cut rings or half-rings is, in fact, no matter and lightly fry in vegetable oil. Then take out the onion, obsessive excess oil.

Meat cut into small pieces the thickness of an inch and a half, spread a layer in a baking dish – suitable glass or ceramic.

Pork salt, pepper, a little bit smeared with mayonnaise, put a piece of onion. Alternating the layers, finish their onions, pour mayonnaise.

Bake 45 minutes – 1 hour.