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The most exotic fruits of Asia

The most exotic fruits of Asia

Exotic products are always aroused curiosity.

Fortunately, many of them can now be found in almost any grocery supermarket. We present you the article very interesting facts about some exotic fruits that will prepare you for the tasting.

Durian is a tropical fruit, found principally in South-East Asia. Its fruits are large and prickly on the outside, have a high content of minerals and nutrients. However, durian has one drawback – the pungent smell. In this regard, the fruit allowed to be brought on the plane, the bus and urban transport in some Asian countries.

The fruit size can reach 4 kg and the height of the tree up to 40 m. the Leaves of the evergreen tree, the shape varies from oblong to round, the color of the fleshy parts – from yellow to red, depending on the type of wood. They have thirty kinds, of which nine are identified as edible. Durian is defined as a strictly tropical tree that stops growing when the temperature falls below 22 C. Used in cooking. It is used to flavor some of the muffins, cakes and ice cream in Asia. Rice, steamed, served with coconut milk and ripe fruit, durian.

Rambutan grows in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other areas of South-East Asia. Its name comes from the Indonesian word “rambutan” means “hairy”. This is because that the fruit is hairy on the outside and red with little green cilia. This is one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia, which is cultivated in the gardens shopping purpose. The largest producer of rambutan is Thailand. Usually sold fresh, but also it is made into jam. It grows well at a temperature of 22-30 With, sensitive to temperatures below 10 C.

Sapodilla is an evergreen tree that during the Spanish colonization was divorced in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. Reaches a height of 30 meters. But their reach is not more than 15 meters. The leaves are green and shiny, flowers white and the fruit is large, and it has a few seeds, a bit of melon. The flesh ranges from pale yellow to coffee colour. The texture is grainy, reminiscent of ripe pear. The fruit is very sweet. The tree can only survive in warm.

Guava is originally from Mexico, but, like Sapodilla, divorced in the tropics and subtropics of Africa, South and South-East Asia, and, most importantly, what is currently growing there. Guava fruits are usually oval, round, and reach a size from 4 to 12 see the Rind is rough and often has a bitter taste. Inside the fruit is soft and sweet. Guava has a flavor similar to lemon rind but less intense. The taste of guava can be sweet, like pears or slightly tart, like strawberries, depending on the type and stage of maturation. In Hawaii, for example, guava is eaten with soy sauce and vinegar. Sometimes add a pinch of sugar, pepper and fruit, diced, added to the sauce. In Mexico is popular as a beverage. In our country can be found in the form of slightly carbonated water with a slight fruit flavor combination of strawberry and guava.

Jackfruit – it is believed that this fruit plays an important role in the agriculture of the Indians. He is originally from South-East Asia. Jackfruit is known for its interesting aroma. Taste similar to a banana. Of course, there are different types of jackfruit. In Sri Lanka, for example, it is used in curry dishes as a meat substitute.

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