The benefits of swimming in osteochondrosis
  Swimming is considered a universal sport that treats almost all diseases, and restore overall vitality of the body. The combination of minimal external loads and physical relaxation, and work…

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Appetizer of calamari.
  Appetizer – jellied squid Seafood is universal. Of these, prepare salads and even cook soups. Usually, snack – jellied squid cooked with carrot, green peas. Taste the jelly, as…

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Recipes side dishes


The dinner was considered complete and proper, it must contain main dishes, recipes of which are the biggest section of the cooking. If you want to learn about the secrets of making simple and complex, traditional and original dishes from different products, become a regular visitor to this section. After all, the main dishes on Webspoon – recipes from around the world, it is best that we choose for you from a variety of dishes from different national cuisines.

To prepare the second dishes from meat and offal, fish and seafood, vegetables and cereals, mushrooms and eggs, dairy products and pasta. Thanks to a variety of culinary techniques from each category of products you can cook a lot of different in the look and taste of the dishes. Some delicious potato dishes can take several thick volumes culinary encyclopedia. For cooking second courses apply frying, boiling, baking, braising, stewing, grilled, and often for cooking one dish used a combination of these techniques. More

In many countries, including our own, the recipes of dishes often contain meat or fish products. Although the preparation of simple and tasty dishes based on vegetables or fungi becomes recently less popular. And yet the favourites still is meat, prepared in many different ways. Given the popularity of this product, we will tell you how to prepare meals every day of meat, meat dishes for children, as well as dishes for special occasions. Depending on what kind of animals are common in a particular region, national cuisine of different countries often are very different from each other. But in order to taste Armenian kebab or Spanish paella is not necessary to go to Armenia or Spain – just to find these original main dishes on Webspoon.EN and cook them in the kitchen, delighting and surprising their families, friends or who have glanced “on a spark”, or rather – the fragrant smell of the neighbors.

No less delicious, diverse and loved by many poultry dishes. In addition, they have some advantages over meat dishes – it is easier digested, better absorbed, and some types of poultry are diet. Therefore a special section is given to the cooking of chicken, which is considered to be the most useful dietary meat product. Perhaps fans of fatty pork ribs and roast lamb to be skeptical of rather dry chicken breast, but it can be cooked so that the saliva will flow from one species and smell. Fans of Chinese and Japanese cuisine will definitely be interested in fish and varied seafood are the basis of power of these peoples.

Proponents of traditional Russian cuisine will not refuse to learn the secrets of cooking cereals. And those who care about preserving a slim figure, pay attention to side dishes and main dishes based on vegetables. In short, a recipe will find anyone. And recipes of dishes with and detailed descriptions will help you to easily cope even with complicated cooking exotic dishes.