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Roll of pita with smoked salmon

Roll of pita with smoked salmon

Prepare quick and tasty appetizer — a loaf of pita bread with salmon and soft cheese spread

This simple to prepare, yet very delicious snack many will appreciate.

Benefits many. Firstly, it requires absolutely no culinary skills and make one roll of lavash under force even to the child. Secondly, the preparation takes only a few minutes.

The third advantage would be the rich taste of the dish, it was filling and originality. Think about a good presentation snacks and get ready to receive numerous compliments on the subject of your culinary talents!

Just perfect for quick snacks — rolls of pita bread. Toppings can be very different: boiled meat, sausage, canned fish, seafood, a variety of pates, mushrooms. Combine them better with boiled eggs, vegetables, cheeses and various herbs. To give softness to the sheet of lavash, grease it with mayonnaise or cream sauce, sour cream, melted cheese, ketchup, and spice is to add Dijon mustard, garlic or your favorite seasonings. Most importantly, do not abuse the number of selected products and look after their combination.

Roll of pita with salmon, which below will be discussed, a reason named “Mosaic”. It is bright and colorful, like little chips of the mosaic. Thanks to the creamy cheese and the fish has a delicate and gentle taste, appetizing smell of herbs and fresh cucumber. As a rule, does not stay long on the plate as well, very tasty!

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Now, prepare a roll of pita bread with salmon and cucumber.

The ingredients for snacks with smoked salmon:

a sheet of thin fresh pita bread

2 medium fresh cucumber

300 g of red fish weak Ambassador

175 g mild cream cheese “Philadelphia”

one bunch of parsley and dill

For preparation of roll of pita bread with salmon is better to take trout or salmon, preferably loin.

Step by step cooking loaf of pita bread with smoked salmon

Initially should be well washed greens and cucumbers under running water, dry everything with paper towels.

Cucumbers cut into long strips.

First you should try the cucumber taste, if the peel is bitter, it is better to cut off it.

Grind the herbs with a knife.

Fish clear from the skin. If there is a bone – repair. Cut on the same principle as cucumbers.

Roll out a piece of pita bread, as needed to trim the edges, making them smooth. Using a knife to smear the entire sheet cream cheese side up.

Rows alternately place the filling – cucumbers and fish. Sprinkle with the herbs.

Roll the lavash into a tube. Roll of pita bread with salmon is ready!

So it does not dry and does not absorb odors, is to wrap it in cling film or wrapped in a package.

To give the roll of pita bread with salmon and cucumbers to soak, put in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Cut not very thin slices of about 3 centimeters each.

Pour onto a plate and serve.