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Kutaby with meat


Some probably will ask:”Qutab — what is it?”

Qutab is a thin cake made with unleavened dough, has a Crescent shape, with different filling. Therefore, Qutab distinguished by its stuffing: kutaby with meat (lamb), kutaby with greens, kutaby with onions, kutaby with cheese, etc. Kutaby are fried on a dry cast iron pan without adding oil.

Ingredients for Kutabs with meat:

mutton — 200 g beef — 200 g, onions — 200 g flour — 400 g, water — 0.6 l, sumac, salt, black pepper.

Step-by-step recipe Kutabs with meat:

The cooked kutabs with meat begin by kneading fresh dough for our Qutab . For this bolt flour, add salt to taste, pour water at room temperature and knead the dough . Water and flour added such a quantity that the dough turned out tough. If batter will be liquid, then add flour or Vice versa.

Spread the dough on a flour Board and continue kneading with hands, adding flour gradually. Since the dough for kutabs’s going to be great, so knead the dough requires a long time, about 10 minutes.

When the dough is kneaded, it is well behind the hands, we put it in a plastic bag and allow it to rest for 15-20 minutes.

When fresh dough, kutaby with meat, ready we proceed to the preparation of toppings for kutabs . The filling for the Qutab you can do different and with greens and meat. See the recipe for the Kutabi with greens. Today we cook kutaby with meat, so we do the meat.

For this mince meat . fatty mutton, lean veal and onions. Then salt, pepper to taste and add a little warm water and knead well the minced meat, about 5 minutes.

Should get the meat soft and juicy, then kutaby with meat will be tasty.

When the mince is ready and the dough has rested, proceed to the cakes themselves Qutab .

Share the dough into small portions, as the Qutab should be very thin.

Roll out the dough . Should get a very thin circle, like paper.

One tablespoon of the filling, a thin layer is distributed on one half of the dough .

The other half of the dough lay out the Qutab . saleblue well edge, cut the excess dough with a special wheel, he cuts off the excess dough and seals the edges. If there is no wheel, you can trim the edges with a knife and saleprivate hands.

Then kutab with meat sent to dry, without oil, hot pan and fry on both sides.

Hot, ready kutaby recipe with meat grease with butter on both sides and fold on top of each other.

The home of the Qutab . in Azerbaijan, kutaby with meat with seasoning called sumac . To do this, kutab with meat rolled into a tube and dipped in poison oak .

Kutaby with meat is ready.