Festive salads
Cooking must cook every woman. Delicious, elegant and festively decorated snacks – this is no ordinary food. Salads on the holiday table is the main highlight of the whole holiday.…

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Kutaby with meat
  Some probably will ask:"Qutab — what is it?" Qutab is a thin cake made with unleavened dough, has a Crescent shape, with different filling. Therefore, Qutab distinguished by its…

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What to cook for dinner

Many almost every evening, returning home from work, ask yourself and your beloved companion question: “What to cook for dinner?” . And often the question is heard or implied by related words quick and tasty . Quick dinner – because fatigue at the end of the day, I don’t want the whole evening to stand at the stove and still very much want to eat. Delicious dinner – because food is necessary to enjoy, always want to please a loved one and being pampered.

The option of going to a restaurant will not be considered. Every day is such a luxury few can afford. The opposite extreme – fast food or processed foods is also not going to buy. It’s not serious, though fast and cheap. It is better to think about the contents of the fridge. On the way home go to the supermarket to buy the missing for our idea of culinary ingredients. And let’s say half an hour to cook dinner, to spend still have. Believe me, it’s a bit.


Take a standard set of cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions and herbs. Quickly and beautifully cut vegetables, mix, sprinkle with salt and pepper, pour vegetable oil or sour cream. All. The salad is ready.

It is possible to prepare more refined, more expensive, but more accessible, salads: arugula. figs. mozzarella. Want cheaper – prepare the salad with cheese or a salad of carrots and radish. Who for dinner, and hearty lot, not eating, can be inclined. The rest, starved worm salad should start cooking the main course.


The easiest way is to think of everything in advance. On the weekend to make dumplings and dumplings. Or prepare stuffed cabbage with meat. Then freeze. So any chance to get these home, made with love, semi-finished products. And quickly make dinner.

Also in our Arsenal must be some simple and delicious recipes of pasta. For example, Italian Carbonara. Quick, easy and very tasty. Prepare this dish a couple of times, and the recipe itself will be learned by heart. Or cook spaghetti with smoked fish or other simple fillings.

In the store on the way home you can buy chilled steaks of red fish, or sea bass, Dorado, or pork tenderloin, or chicken breast, and maybe wings.

Chilled steaks are cooked trout for a few minutes. The fish on the pan and a few minutes in the sauce. Let’s add some shrimp and get the trout with shrimp sauce. If you buy sea bass or Dorado, you can cook this fish in the oven .

The easiest option is to boil potatoes, make puree. While in the store to buy herring, peel and serve with onion and vegetable oil. Or get harvested in the summer of marinated mushrooms.