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The most expensive desserts in the world

The most expensive desserts in the world

At first glance, strawberry dessert, Strawberries Arnaud at the French restaurant New Orleans, with 90 years of history, looks like a normal dish of thinly sliced fruit. But it is different in that it is served with “garnish” of the Golden ring with a pink diamond 4.7 carats, once owned by the famous British financier sir Ernest Kassala (Ernest Cassel). Dessert brings a waiter in white gloves, pouring you rare port 24 850$ in the presence of the jazz ensemble.

Useless? Of course. Outrageous? Possible. But this dessert, Strawberries Arnaud $ 1, 4 million dollars easily became the most expensive on the planet.

Words that usually describe these desserts – sumptuous, tempting, tasty – do not fit with their very humble ingredients – flour, eggs, sour cream, and berries.

“People, dinner is often away from home, getting bored. They are looking for new, sometimes absurd ways to entertain yourself.” So bakers all over the world come up with new, surprising, bizarre ingredients – from the macaroons Haute couture to gold, but edible leaves and strawberry with diamonds.

The list of the most expensive desserts helped to make the world’s leading confectioners. Despite the expectations of the readers, expensive desserts does not need to be served in expensive restaurants and caterers, rather in expensive hotels, whose clients are configured on a luxury service throughout.

So, the second in the list is the desert resort of Galle Fort on the island of Sri Lanka. The dessert is called “the Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence” is an Italian famous artist (fruit cake) with Irish cream, mango and pomegranate compote, decorated with Sabayon of champagne and chocolate sculpture depicting a fisherman. The additional dessert was the 80-carat aquamarine. The price of the dessert $14,500. He was coined less than a year ago, but despite requests for it from around the world, dessert has never been purchased.

Gourmets from America opotliwy less expensive to desserts, so our list includes only two American dessert. One of them is the Knipschildt truffle Chocolatier’s for$ 250 and mousse for$ 50, filed in a new York hotel Waldorf-Astoria.

“It’s harder,” says one of the owners of a pastry shop in new York city. “Here, the novelty may cost only 14$. Americans have the concept of luxury is not related to food. Once, I made creme brulee for the restaurant for$ 100, but it didn’t sell very well. The Europeans also have a different view, cake for 140$ in Paris will not cause them a shock.”

Although in America even more expensive dessert – ice cream Golden Opulence$ 1,000 and a chocolate dessert Frozen Haute Chocolate$ 25,000, but the restaurant Serendipity 3, where they were filed, was closed by the health Department last year.

Frenchman Pierre hermé (Pierre Hermé), which is considered one of the best confectioners of the world, is doing in the culinary Studio on the street Bonaparte cakes average $ 7, 500$. The “Picasso of pastry”, as it was nicknamed by the fashion magazine Vogue, discusses with the customer the ingredients (red pepper, live rose petals, green beans…). At client’s request, the cake can be decorated with a monogram or family coat of arms.

Of course, best selling desserts are worth 20-30$, everything is more expensive – already unpopular. They also belong to the list of the most expensive and also remain among the best, and all good is not cheap.