What to cook for dinner
Many almost every evening, returning home from work, ask yourself and your beloved companion question: “What to cook for dinner?” . And often the question is heard or implied by…

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Kutaby with meat
  Some probably will ask:"Qutab — what is it?" Qutab is a thin cake made with unleavened dough, has a Crescent shape, with different filling. Therefore, Qutab distinguished by its…

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The most delicious and unique dishes of Asia


You dream about Asia? Want to bask in the sun, walk around uninhabited Islands and to wear a short knit dress in while your compatriots are hiding from the snow at home? Then you should be prepared for a rather original and specific cuisine of Asia. In the dishes has a lot of hot spices, and eat insects more often than go to the theater. Don’t be afraid to plunge into the world of Asia and to try the amazing local cuisine. You will love it.

What to eat in Asia?

Try not to throw food on the first day in Asia. For starters, wait until after acclimatization. Introduce local foods gradually and remember to drink lots of water. Do not go to the other extreme. Should not be bent on seeing unusual dish and refuse to try.

Indian Badam Milk. The drink is served in many places of India. It can be bought even on the street. It is based on milk and rose water. In addition, Badam milk add cardamom, pistachios and almonds. Boiled in a huge VAT, and drink hot or cold.

Chinese snails in Chile. In China they eat not of the river, and sea snails. Therefore, they are much larger than those that you saw at home. Snails cooked in wine or soy sauce, some chili pepper and garlic.

Sea grape. We love the apples, and the Philippines with the same regularity eat the sea grapes. Sometimes it is referred as green caviar, because it is very similar in structure. From grapes make the salad by adding tomatoes, onions and other ingredients. The product is very useful.

Lamb brains. A very popular dish in India and other Asian countries. The brains are boiled for a very long time, first in normal form, then removing the membrane. The dish is very useful, improves health and increases the potency. Served with brown rice.

Grace JG. One of the most delicious desserts of China. In appearance very unremarkable. But the taste is delicate, pleasant and airy. The basis for the Gras JG is mint, fruit and ice cream.

When booking a vacation easy knit dress online store should help you to choose and notepads. After tasting delicious dishes of Asia, you’ll want to write down their recipes.