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Festival of national cultures
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Bodybuilding where to start


Bodybuilding will help thin to recover. fat – to lose weight, the weak become strong, and for women it may be the way to finding a beautiful, toned figure, and to perform all of these people will be the same exercise – that is the universality of bodybuilding.

General provisions

The maximum rate of muscle gain is approximately 1.5 kg per month. On this

number you can count to beginners in the first few months of training, observing all rules of a successful set of muscles. Further muscle growth will be reduced to approximately 5 kg per year or less. To accelerate the growth of muscles can high-quality food. competent training, plenty of rest and, if necessary, an anabolic steroid, but more on that later.

The average person without the use of specific drugs, exercising is able to increase more than 15 pounds of muscle. It may take 3-5 years, then the potential of the body will be exhausted. Far growth will be possible only with the use of anabolic steroids.

If you have unwanted body fat one sport do not need diet. Secure the spigot body fat should not exceed 1 kg per month, otherwise you will have problems with health. Opinion that fat can make muscle is wrong.

To achieve the full development of the muscles can only exercising in the gym, where have all the necessary equipment. To train at home with primitive equipment is about how to repair a car in his garage, not in the modern service station. Of course, it’s better this than no workout, but if you set big goals, we need appropriate training conditions. Of course not every city (the village) have all the necessary equipment, but the post with a set of pancakes should be everywhere. For a complete workout minimally need to have the following equipment: barbell with a full set of pancakes, a variety of dumbbells (light, medium, heavy), horizontal and incline bench, rack, horizontal bar, parallel bars, chair of presses sitting, if possible trainers. And most importantly – enthusiasm and desire. Without the desire and motivation all light becomes heavy.

Basic exercises

Beginners need only a basic comprehensive schemes, regardless of their physical form or volume. You must resist the initial urge to train isolated parts of the body or to experience advanced training scheme. The best program for a beginner is composed of approximately 8-10 exercises using the exercises that introduce the major muscle groups, i.e. upper arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs. Smaller bands like the neck, forearms and even shins, at first it had worked out enough due to the inclusion in these basic movements. Only later, when you become more advanced, you’ll need to load specialized muscle groups.

Circuit training beginners should never take more than one hour to complete. If it requires more time, or you make too much, or you rest too long between exercises or sets. More advisable to move from one exercise to another without long pauses, instead of doing long breaks and allow your muscles to cool down. At this stage it is more important to avoid injury and make the circulation work harder. Don’t forget the warm-up is necessary to spend a few minutes on the slopes, stretching (stretching exercises) and perform a variety of available exercises or movements such as morning exercise for the sake of preparing for tougher exercises that constitute the core of your classes.

Best workout for most people approximately two hours after their dinner portion of food, which means for most of us, the training will start around 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening. Replacement workers or those who have to work or study in other hours, you can walk out on their own circuits by experiment, following, when they feel most fresh and energetic.

If you were really a sedentary lifestyle, try for one to two weeks to walk at a fast pace for 15-30 minutes every day day. The pace should be increased gradually and reached at the end of these two weeks to 140-150 steps per minute – and it’s almost running.

After that for 1-2 weeks, go for a light jog, starting at 100 meters and extending a distance by another 100 meters; if this proves to be difficult, repeat your Jogging every other day, but systematically. Of course, this is not enough to develop your cardiovascular and respiratory system, but we try our best to make you at least relatively ready for classes with weights. Walking and Jogging “stir up” and you will begin the process of preparing the body for more intense to stress by training with weights.

You immediately have to start well and often. as well as a lot and to sleep soundly. Be sure to include in your diet 100-200 grams curd (low fat, diet), milk (low-fat) 1 liter. Increase your intake of poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits. But your main energy source is cereals. Go for cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet, oats, semolina) and side dishes to meat dishes (pasta, potatoes, rice, buckwheat, etc.). Eat often (five or six times a day) and preferably at the same time (if possible).

Before a workout for 1-1. 5 hours hearty meal, immediately after a workout 0,5-1 liter of milk. An hour after the workout the same hearty meal. Try starting your day with a glass or two of milk. Stood up, immediately drank the milk, and then washing, various tasks and Breakfast. Breakfast should be powerful. Other meals spread evenly throughout the day.

Here’s a General outline and all about nutrition. You ask, what about the protein and any supplements you’ve been hearing about? While for you it’s a waste of money. You will be able to grow on natural foods to a certain point, then you will need food supplements.

Harmonious development

The most common mistake that inexperienced bodybuilders – rocking favorite muscle groups. These actions contribute to the disproportionate development of muscle stretch. The result of such training is able to cause others just laugh. You need to increase the load not only on the breast, but also all the other muscles, otherwise the appearance will be spoiled.

For regular increase muscle mass you need to constantly perform the exercises that are provided for other muscles. In any case, cannot be neglected bower traction and squats, because it gives a significant impetus to the development and growth of the whole body.