Carnivals in Italy
Venice Over the successful conduct of the Venetian Carnival working the major cultural organizations of the city: the Biennale, Teatro La Fenice and Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The carnival, which…

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Lose weight correctly - Nordic walking
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The beneficial effects of honey on human body


In ancient times, when primitive man tried the honey, he became a favorite and tasty treat. Time passed and the doctors noticed that the use of this product may affect lifespan. In ancient Egyptian the book, which is more than 3500 years, describes in detail a lot of recipes and tips for using honey. It was used for treatment of various diseases of the stomach and lung, renal colic and skin lesions, eye and other diseases.

Kievan Rus has issued a number of statutes relating to bee-keeping, then

known as beekeeping. They entered the “Russian truth”- the code of laws of the state. The heyday of bee-keeping in Russia came in the 16th century, when this trade began to engage entire villages. Tasty and useful product was the best product on the domestic market of the state and outside of Kievan Rus. Eastern countries have started to use honey for medicinal purposes thousands of years ago. The ancient Chinese book claims that this product refines the person retains his youth and strength, increases life expectancy. Treatises of India has identified the healing properties of honey more than 4 thousand years ago. Throughout human history, the main product of beekeeping was honey. With the development of production has been the use of wax and other products. Wax poured candles, and honey is delicious and useful drug, from which no one refused.

Antibacterial properties of honey that actively use the interviews clinic health Workshop. affect inflammatory processes. Resolving effect helps to normalize the work of the intestines and stomach, and tonic properties stimulate the work of all internal organs. Effect, helping to reduce the action of allergens, restores the immune system and promotes healthy sleep. In the honey contains many trace elements. Sodium, calcium and iron, are just some of them. So the product retains all its properties it is necessary to know the rules of storage and use.

Long ago it became known that the product loses its value when heating or sun exposure. At a temperature of + 40 degrees Celsius honey is simply delicious product. It should be kept in tightly closed glass or ceramics. Dark place and cool temperatures, in the range of 5 to 10 degrees, it is optimal conditions for the preservation of useful properties. Next to honey, which actively uses the clinic apitherapy. you can not put substances with a sharp and persistent odors. Honey is able to absorb and lose their flavor. The use of honey and pollen in the morning, before meals, helps to lower your blood pressure and normalizes it. In this product are necessary for the treatment of heart disease, the elements and applying it can reduce the risk of heart attack. Colds can be treated by using warm tea and milk with honey. Drinking, add lemon juice, raspberry jam and medicinal plants. Best honey in this case is bogus. It has a diaphoretic effect. Maximum daily dose for an adult is 200 gr. honey. For medicinal purposes it is better to apply it in the form of warm fluids. Outstanding physician Avicenna advised to regularly use honey to those people who want to retain their youth and health.

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