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Proper breathing How to breathe properly during workouts

The air is life. As you know without water a person can live several days without food for a few weeks but without air won’t last 5 minutes. It would seem that each of us is able to breathe, but whether we do this, especially when it comes to physical activity?

It turns out that scientifically it has been proven that most people breathe correctly exclusively during sleep, when breathing occurs unconsciously, and the body is in a relaxed state. During the active period of the person’s breath is far from ideal. Breathing often strays

that affects the entire body, primarily the brain and heart.

Most often short of breath in moments some power loads, not whether it is a rising of the bar or hike the stairs to the fourth floor.

It should be noted that proper breathing during sports activities greatly increases the effectiveness of your workout, saturates the body with sufficient oxygen, allows him to recover faster after a grueling loads, makes muscles stronger, fitter and most importantly.

What is the phrase “Proper breathing”?

The main rule is “breath – when it is easy, exhale – when it is hard” to be followed during training relating to breathing, is:

The breath should be done in the rules facilitating the expansion of the chest, and exhale when it is compressed.

The more you do a particular exercise, therefore, should be more intense inhaling and exhaling.

Of course, playing various sports involves the features of breath, but the rule of “breath – when it is easy, exhale hard when” always works.

For example, when bending a breath in position when the body is straight. Exhale – when the chest contracts. It helps to develop a rhythm and not to expend energy on breathing, because inhaling and exhaling is done in time with the movements.

As for strength exercises . the exhale is recommended to do in the moment of greatest muscular exertion, and inhale when the voltage of the smallest muscles.

Proper breathing is especially important during Cycling . walking, running, swimming, when the body’s need for oxygen increases several times. Erratic breathing, breathing with pauses or, conversely, unduly rapid breathing confuses the rhythm, makes coordination difficult and impairs ventilation.

Proper breathing while running is determined by the tempo: slow run on each inhale and exhale should have three or four steps, and when driving at a moderate speed, on each inhale and exhale – one-two.

Special attention is required for breathing while swimming . Since most of the time the face of the swimmer (except style “on the back”) is under water, and time to breath remains extremely small. Any violation of the rhythm automatically leads not just to poor results and worse to increase the likelihood of choking. Breathing in swimming is a key role. No matter how strong and hardy was not an athlete, improper breathing will cause him to retire early.

It is important to remember.

During training, in most cases it is impossible to hold your breath! It confuses the rhythm, makes training ineffective and, worse, dangerous because of the lack of oxygen negatively affects both the cardiovascular system and the brain.