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Saves whether the sport from Smoking


Quitting Smoking is important, but often difficult. Scientists claim – if you add moderate exercise in your daily life, it will greatly help you once and for all to give up cigarettes. Does the sport to quit Smoking – more details in our article.

Sports and Smoking

The experiment of Austrian scientists

It will be much easier to quit Smoking if you regularly exercise, say Austrian researchers. They found that smokers who used nicotine gum or the patch and have been doing regular physical exercises, much faster and easier to quit Smoking than those who used nicotine replacement therapy and did not do any exercises.

In this study, 68 volunteers were followed for 3 months. Half of them have been doing regular exercise, and the other did not. 80% of those who practiced it, still not Smoking after 3 months, compared with only 52% of those who continued to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The researchers also found that among those who failed to quit using tobacco was significantly less than training people.

The role of exercise?

Exercises help your desire to quit Smoking from all sides.

Cardiovascular system

They help your cardiovascular system in the period of giving up cigarettes to perform its functions at the optimal level.

In a study published in 2011 in the journal “Cardiology” was studied significant negative effect of Smoking on recovery of heart rate after exercise. Iranian researchers have concluded that Smoking cessation promotes more rapid recovery of heart rate after exercise, and thus supports the overall efficiency of the heart muscle.

Detoxification of the body

Exercise cleanses the body of many toxic substances contained in cigarettes.

Stress management

This is an effective way of dealing with stress associated with giving up cigarettes. Dr. Nora Wolfe from the National Institute on drug abuse in the U.S. said that physical exercise can help relieve stress and reduce depression, and these are two key factors that will help you deal with nicotine addiction or any other bad habit.

Shifting attention

Regular exercise distract you from thinking about cigarettes and not allowed to escape for a smoke.

The fight against excess weight

If you are worried about what will gain weight if you quit Smoking, keep in mind that exercise can burn extra calories and help you to suppress ravenous appetite, often associated with the rejection of nicotine.


What physical activity you need to quit Smoking?

As they say researchers from the American cancer society, if you’ve never dealt with before, but now you can reach your daily amount of physical activity even, for example, walking at a fast pace during your lunch break, take the stairs instead of the Elevator and walking your dog in the mornings and evenings. But, of course, better if you do regular workouts.

Scientists from George Washington University in the U.S. as ideal advise aerobic exercise: fitness, Jogging, dancing.

Try also to do your exercises, apostolski relaxation and stress reduction (yoga or Pilates). They are very useful for your respiratory and cardiovascular system.

The main thing is to do what you really like.

How to start studying?

If you are not early not engaged in fitness, consult your physician before you begin training. Start at a slow pace and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.

Try to start with at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity, such as walking, several days a week. Go very sparingly and carefully, until the condition of your cardiovascular system will not come back to normal. Can do to do three 10-minute or two 15-minute series of exercises during the day.

What we must remember, starting a workout during the period of quitting Smoking ?

Smoking reduces physical endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, bad for your cardiovascular system, making it harder to breathe during exercise. So it is possible that first workout you will go tight – will miss the air to tantalize shortness of breath. When faced with such obstacles, you can begin to seem that the battle for a healthy way too heavy.

However, always remember that the long term benefits that will bring you away from cigarettes, are that continue to struggle with their addiction. And exercise will certainly help you is a difficult task.