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How to do morning exercises


In order to force the body to work and to function optimally all day, it is necessary first to Wake. There are a few simple exercises that you can do at home . and without close supervision of a fitness instructor. So, how to do morning exercises?

If you to physical exercise in the daily schedule not devoted as much time . go to the exercises immediately after charging in bed. but before you go on a shower.

How to continue to Wake up the body after the adoption of the vertical position, says head of the Department of physical therapy Center for restorative medicine and rehabilitation Medical rehabilitation center, medical University Marina Makarova.

The first exercise – this is a regular squat . They will help to run the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body. At the same time they stimulate blood circulation in the legs. After all, we have to run to work, then emerge one by one under an office Desk.

Squat as deeply as it turns out . But try not to take your feet off the floor. Hands – to pull forward at chest level. During the exercise do not hold your breath: exhale on the squat, and inhale when the body returns to its original position. In one series, it is recommended to do 30 squats. But for those who are still hard, Makarova advises to begin with 10.

Another exercise for the cardiovascular system and feet – lunges forward . This is a great way to Wake up. In alternate stages and relaxation, and tension.

One foot put forward, put on the whole foot and bend at the knee and keep the other one straight and lean on the toe. Then make some springy squats and return to the starting position.

A sore spot for office workers – neck, shoulders and the area between the shoulder blades . Many of you probably know the feeling of stiffness in these areas after full labour seat at the computer. Sometimes the neck “pinches” so that it comes even before headaches. Yes and posture gradually deteriorates. So let’s start exercises for your back .

For this long-suffering land of our body – the following exercise, variation on a theme familiar from school push-UPS. But since not everyone can do push-UPS, you can use an ordinary chair, table or sofa.

The chair should keep your. Hands lean on the back of it so that your own back straight. When you push your elbows raise to the side, trying to keep the spine straight. This exercise is quite heavy, so you need to carefully calculate the forces . in order not to lose balance and not to meet with backrest “sport equipment” face.

To finish cheerful morning Marina Makarova recommends vigorously. For example, jumps and jumps to the music. But one has to move so that it is comfortable. After all, despite the fact that for fifteen minutes, the body actively wakes up, it’s still morning . Yes, and the neighbors downstairs can get up an hour later.

If you are tired to record a sequence of exercises on paper, please register on our website and make your exercise plan. You can print and take with you to the gym.