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How to choose the best strength training equipment for home


Training at home has many advantages. If You decide that home is the best place for Your training, your next step is to choose the equipment. Before viewing a huge number of Internet sites and a trip to the nearest store, Your need to know a few main things.

Often the optimal choice of a full “home room” is a compact sports complex, allowing to do some exercises on one machine. It is also called “Multistate” – trainer, ready to fit in a separate small room, basement or garage of a publish house. Most often in this article we will use this


Most popular multistyle middle level includes the following units:

adjustable bench or seat

weight stack plates and pin-retainer

fingerboard for traction on top, mainly to pull the head

leverage chest press and/or butterfly

unit for leg extension to work the quadriceps muscles

unit for bending the legs to work the hamstrings

the cable for the propeller thrust sitting on the floor

Options create a home hall

You have many options to create a home gym, but the choice of the power stations is usually limited to the following categories. The cardio equipment is always needed for a full workout, but will consider only power options as the complexity of equipment:

01 Combination of different accessories . Aerobic dumbbells, small benches, balls, step-plaform, resistance bands, mats, etc. with No complicated attachments, only about training which you know a lot, have read or have already used in the fitness club. Great for initial training.

02 Station to practice with free weights . Adjustable benches, power racks, dumbbells and barbells with pancakes (weight / wheels). Most mobile equipment, but decent strength training, which requires good preparation.

03 Simulators to practice with their own weight. The idea of this equipment is the weight of his body as the load, which can change by the tilt and height of the moving bench. Actually, not so simple, as shown in commercials and to practice requires a good skill and preparation.

04 Multistyle with a load of steel plates or dampers . This is a new industry, where bendable or stretchable materials provide a good load. Such equipment is very popular in USA and Europe, but in Russia is represented very poorly.

05 Multistyle with built-in scales . As mentioned earlier, the most popular form of home room. The classic use of metal weight plates and a system of ropes and linkages to create a balanced and safe load.

06 Multistyle, loaded . Free weights (discs, barbells, dumbbells) and exercise equipment designed to work with them – it’s a great deal of strength training, although at the price they are more accessible and simulators, load plates. So be careful to measure their own desires and possibilities in their selection.

07 Smith Machine . Apart when working with free weights standing Smith Machine and various additions to it. This machine is exceptionally loved by professionals and in the development of a good program makes the most out of the workout.

What I want to achieve?

Choosing when to create a home-like room, you first need to decide what your goals and opportunities. If you are just starting a workout and not fully aware of its capabilities, we recommend that you first try option 1 in any fitness club. So very many cases where expensive equipment idle wasting away in the room and turns into a multifunctional clothes hanger. The simulator is just people get bored or they become more likely to go to a fitness club. But we are not saying that people “give up” – the same won’t do any harm, right?

Here are some ideas if you decide to make a homemade mini power center.

Novice users and light exercise

If your goal is the basic shape support, weight control, muscle tone and flexibility, then the minimum equipment of step-plaform. Plus a set of aerobic dumbbells (full set from 1 to 10kg or dumbbells can separate pairs) will help to create a good training progress on the squats, the lunges. Irreplaceable will be adjustable bench, gym ball and Mat for aerobics. Having these tools, you will find a huge number of free and paid programs and lessons that will help you at the beginning of training. And the cost of all of these tools together will be no more than 15 thousand rubles.

Having the financial capacity, of course, you can already look at multistyle with a built-in stack, especially if it came with a disc or detailed instructions on the workout. Here, a wide choice in the range from 15t.p. up to 120 tons.p. and variety of quality products, brands and opportunities to work on them. In order not to get lost in them, you will have to study the market or to consult a specialist. You may be able to help the project team Fitsover .

Workout intermediate

Want to improve your level of preparation, develop the muscles and strength of the muscles? Here you can not do without the power set of dumbbells, a barbell with weight plates and the bench + power rack for exercise. All these units you can find at a total cost of up to 30t.p.

More expensive but more flexible units will help to create a great set of exercises. For a classic example of a popular trainer Kettler Classic which has not changed in decades. For example, acquiring him dumbbells and barbells, you will be in the range from 30t.p. up to 45T.p. again a classic for this type of equipment. There are also many brands (Body Solid, Weider, etc.) offer different versions of the simulators, though, of course, very similar in functionality.

Workout a high level of training

Home equipment for serious training athletes is a mandatory addition to training in the gym. Generally businesses do not like to repeat to the house the same equipment, that nor have in their club, but some have a bench with dumbbells or a special “favorite” options with power stations for practicing at home. Sometimes the pros for any money ready to get super new items though from another country, this excitement was, for example, around the bench Powertec Workbench .

How much space do I need?

This is a very important question. Quite often when people buy exercise equipment on the Internet without seeing them and not even bothering to look at the dimensions carefully. It is clear where this was leading, so check the dimensions carefully. You need size ,because sometimes the manufacturer specifies the sizes of the boxes for transport, and negligent seller puts their installation. Also you have to consider the space for exercise and additional accessories.

How many users?

Can I collect?

The question of delivery and Assembly strength training is also very important. For example, the equipment type Total Gym you can easily bring themselves into the room and set. And multistorey one person sometimes just physically cannot collect. To collect in advance very often, because the simulator will not enter the room. To save on Assembly, if the price of the simulator is small, but this question always think over in advance.

How do I know how safe it is?