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Healthy organism

About the drinks that will help you keep warm, support the immune system and to get better this fall.

The infusion of rose hips

The rose hips contain sufficient amount of vitamin C, which protects our immune system from the risk of getting the flu and other colds. Moreover, in

the fruit of this plant ascorbic acid in 10 times more than in black currant, and 50 times more than in lemons.

A hot infusion of rose hips helps the body retain heat in cold seasons. Fructose contained in fruit trees, becomes a supplier of endorphins and helps to produce endorphins serotonin. In the period of autumn depression it is especially important.

To prepare the infusion of rose hips, take a large handful dried fruit, rinse, mash in a mortar, put it in a thermos and pour boiling water over night. The next morning there is an excellent beverage which can be drunk throughout the day.

Ginger tea

Ginger is ideal for people who are used autumn depression eat something tasty, because it suppresses the appetite. Ginger is a strong antioxidant that helps the process of cleansing the intestines of toxins and thus ensuring the body’s immune defenses. And yet it contains a lot of vitamin C, which is also important to raise the immunity.

Ginger is a great anti-bacterial agent, cleansing the body of parasites. It restores the pancreas and liver, stimulates the thyroid gland, improves memory, clears the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques and thereby prevents aging of the body.

Recipe of ginger tea is simple. Ginger root are rubbed on a coarse grater to make 2 tablespoons. Put them in a quart jar, add 1-2 tablespoons of regular green tea, 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon of honey. Jar to the brim with boiling water and allow the beverage to brew. An hour later ginger tea is ready.

Sea buckthorn tea

In the sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins and nutrients that just 100 grams of this fruit contain the daily requirement needed for a meaningful human life. It can radically improve the immune system, is a wonderful remedy for colds and cough (especially in combination with honey), helps in the treatment of upper respiratory tract.

Sea buckthorn improves intestinal peristalsis, helps with constipation, good for the liver, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure. And yet, this berry has radically improves the condition of skin and hair.

For the preparation of sea buckthorn tea in 500 ml you will need more than 100 grams of sea buckthorn, 2 tablespoons cinnamon, honey and anise to taste. Seabuckthorn need to pound in a mortar or blender, add honey and anise to taste, pour boiling water, leave for 5-7 minutes. You get two servings of refreshing aromatic drink.


One Cup of coffee contains about 1000 mg of antioxidants (1/4 of the daily value), which neutralize free radicals, thereby protecting healthy cells in the body. In addition, coffee has beneficial effects on the immune and digestive system. Drink increases the secretion of gastric juice, which, in turn, promotes better digestion.

In addition, regular consumption of coffee is able to protect the person from diseases such as liver cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes type II diabetes, alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. But if you drink coffee without sugar, you can avoid caries.

The main thing is not to abuse coffee. Satisfied with one Cup in the morning in half an hour after Breakfast. Excessive amounts of coffee hits the sympathetic nervous system and thereby indirectly causes a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. In the result blocks the breakdown of fat in adipocytes. Thus, if you get rid of excess weight and consume more than one Cup of coffee a day, you risk not to lose weight.


Classic hydromel is a glass of pure natural water at room temperature and squeezed the juice of one lemon with a spoon of honey − great energy drink that will provide you a quick burst of energy. Hydromel good to drink to those who wish to lose weight, as it charges the body with energy, strengthens the immune system and reduces appetite. Hydromel also good to remove toxins. In addition, regular use will protect your blood vessels, they become more elastic, and the heart will be more healthy.

To prepare hydromel, in a glass of pure warm water should squeeze the juice of 1 lemon, add 1 teaspoon of honey and a good stir. When losing weight, hydromel you can drink 3 times a day: in the morning before Breakfast and in the afternoon in between meals to reduce hunger. Because the drink contains honey (high glycemic index), it is possible to use it have to 17 hours.

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