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That means running for your consciousness

Although running is good for our spirit, we tend to think of it as a purely physical action. This is not so. Feet can carry us, hands help us move forward, easier maintain our vitality. But it is the spirit drives us out and causes us to run forward, despite the bad weather, and the yelping dogs. This is not an easy job. Fortunately, it is within our power to

provide themselves with this. Using the following methods of encouragement of consciousness, we can increase our level of motivation and maximise the benefits for our body and spirit.

Engaged at the time of the day when you feel most natural. People who are too afraid to trot at dawn, swear that the morning is the best time to stretch your heels. The air is fresh and invigorating, and the body simply re-born. But if you are not an early riser, do not force yourself. Maybe you are more willing and would be happy to run after work. And there is something to say. According to Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Jogging before dinner helps to relieve tension accumulated during the day, and a few moderates appetite. So the choice is yours. Perfect any time of day – just start.

Select a pleasant place. Some people run a crowd on treadmills stadiums. Other tramping on a bridge along the busy streets. Unfortunately, such an environment is of little use to your soul. Select instead, field, grassy, or a path in the woods – a quiet and inspiring surroundings, where your mind can merge with nature. In addition, your feet will thank you for the soft ground.

Do not try to break records; just have fun. In sports activities like Jogging well that they have no competition. You don’t have to try to overtake someone. Here no one is forced to count the results. This you can do for the sake of pure fun – nobody is forcing you, you don’t risk to lose. This is especially important for people who may suffer from depression or low self-esteem, says Dr. John Greist. “The dropout rate among novice runners from among depressed 10 percent (whereas in most screening programs ranges from 30 to 70 percent), because we used an approach that focuses more on the pleasure of daily run than to fight for high achievement (in time or distance) or the production of other, more distant, for example to run a marathon”.

Run in good company. Two runners and keep, and play with each other. But if you have more – well, then even better. Join a group – perhaps to your local youth organization or health club and stand in one operation together with people who share your goals. Or will conclude an agreement with each other. But, warns Dr. Greist, carefully choose your friends. If your friend is by nature loves to compete, he can Rob you of courage than to be encouraged to engage in your fitness program. What you need is a companion for a jog, not a competitor on the treadmill.

Before each run, heat your consciousness. The majority of those who enjoys running, you know how important physical warm-up – careful stretching of the muscles, which prepares them for the classroom. But few consciously prepare for the upcoming challenge their psyche. And may depend on very much. “Installing your mood and emotional state before training takes only a few minutes… but can be just as important as the run – says PhD Dalvik Spino, a world class coach for Jogging and author of “the Modern fitness and health. When I make my runners to do this, all their compulsive activity Round Standouts balanced domestic tranquility…” Dr. Spino recommends, lying motionless, close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Gradually calm the mind. Then allow your consciousness to penetrate into your body and feel every part of it – from head and shoulders to the ankles and toes. Take your time. When you feel calm and relaxed, you are ready to start the physical part of your workout.

During the run use visualization to strengthen the feeling of relaxation. To get from the workout fun and avoid injury, you must maintain your own mind and body as relaxed as possible. That’s where can help of visualization techniques. “I’ve met people who overcame the weakness and get rid of repetitive injuries of the muscles or limbs, or, if you remember about athletes, known throughout the country, has surpassed their wildest aspirations [using visualization],” says Dr. Spino. Here are samples of some experiments of visualization, which she describes in her book.

Waterfall. Imagine a stream of water flowing on your back and wash your shoulders.

Airbag. Imagine that with each step the foot down on a soft air cushion.

The giant hand. Overcoming the rise, imagine that a giant hand is pushing you, so how would you move forward not his own power, and the external source of energy.

The closed eyes. When running almost completely close your eyes. This will engage your subconscious feeling. Do not let your head down, do not look down, because it will take your body out of balance. Let your feet to look for the path.

Running or Jogging is only the case if you like it. If you are not excited about running, do not despair. There are many other types of aerobic physical activity, from which to choose: swimming, dancing, Biking, walking. Remember: have fun – this is the goal of these exercises. Without it there is no reason to expect any benefit for the soul.

Often depression is the result of physical immobility, grown into a habit. “Restricting the freedom and physical inactivity were used as punishment for millennia,” says Dr. brown. – Maybe some people unconsciously elect inaction as a form of Sampo– Caronia”.

According to Dr. Greist, the second factor is the distraction. “Patients, doing a run, you begin to notice a new, real bodily sensations that distract them from their concerns are less significant, but annoying physical symptoms of depression”.

“In the process of running you need to think about your breathing, you need to watch the sky, and the sun and wind. You have to clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts, ” says Dr. Austin Gontang. Is like to pinch yourself to force to Wake up, to return to the present. Most people depressed too wrapped up in worrying about the future or digging in the past”.

Dr. Gontang says even if poor posture can cause depression. “When people are immersed in depression, they produce depressive posture – they hunched, tense, twisted posture. But this type of posture can also become a signal and causes depression. People with chronic posture “accident” gets tired quickly in his head start spinning negative thoughts, and then he falls into a depression”.

“It is impossible to separate consciousness from the body,” says Dr. Gontang. – The state of the body has a huge influence on what we feel and think, and negative thoughts and feelings are two essential components of depression.

Dr. Tadeusz was Kostrubala further points to some biochemical changes that may play a role. We have already discussed the effect that has on the mood the increased level of endorphins. But, says Dr. have Kostrubala, another important reaction to aerobic exercise is the release of the hormone noradrenaline.

“The modern theory of depression States that it is caused by a deficiency of norepinephrine in the synapses of the brain, in the gaps between nerve cells that transmit messages. While running, the level of norepinephrine increases, and immediately after Jogging there is a large splash. Therefore, just as doctors treat diseased organs with drugs, running, one might say, is self-induced pharmacological treatment of the brain responsible for your behavior.”

However, regardless of, flee you from depression or not, you will still feel some elation gives you this exercise, as it brings into balance your emotions. In conversation with Dr. Kenneth Cooper one runner-neophyte described this feeling: “Often after I ran a few miles, I felt much better own body than ever before. Sometimes at the end of a good run, my body worked like a well-oiled machine. I could start running in a broken emotional state, I was tormented by many worries and anxieties about various problems, but by the end of the run I felt restored wholeness. My mind and my body were no longer separated.”