Celebrations of the world with a share of craziness
Every holiday in the world is notable for its originality, contains nuggets of the mentality of certain people, continues the cultural traditions of their ancestors. I think that celebrating the…

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6 ideas for Breakfast
6 ideas for Breakfast Breakfast - a great opportunity to not only saturate the body before work, but also to show their creativity, pleased loved ones simple but delicious dishes.…

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7 reasons to practice yoga

Yoga is an invaluable gift for a clever man – she help him to become wise. Sage’s she going to do by God. Stupid people approach this practice inevitably turns into an idiot, and idiot it always leads to death. Ordinary, mediocre person to practice yoga and don’t need a once – he has better things to do…

The answer to the questions: “What is yoga? What yoga I can give?” –

which I get asked most often in the first few minutes of conversation to cover in one article probably impossible, but if a person is searching for, you can try to show him the direction and possible options if he goes this route. So, 7 reasons to practice yoga:

1. Yoga helps to maintain, restore, improve health

Yoga — it’s an amazing tool for solving problems of stress, which is the basis of 75-90% of all doctor visits! You will do absolutely right, if the pills will prefer the holistic approach offered by yoga. Performing physical, breathing and meditative, btion, you will be able to get rid of the usual satellites — anxiety and tension. Yoga for beginners does not involve great physical exercise, but You stretch not only the muscles, but when done correctly, and the energy channels that provides additional enhanced effects of exercise.

2. Yoga develops not only the body but also the mind

Doing yoga, You will think about many things, which previously may not have thought of. But there are no ready answers to all the questions. Experienced instructor, as a rule, leads to the fact that listening to and learning it is prudent to have your own opinion on any matter, which is reinforced by Your experience. Acquiring this experience it is necessary to think, to comprehend, to understand, to read to try to learn, etc. Because as one of the classics of yoga: “Yoga – it is 1% theory and 99% practice”

3. Yoga helps to achieve emotional balance

With the help of meditation and breathing practices, You will be able not just to calm their emotions, but also to change them, as well as to understand the essence of Your intense emotional responses to a particular issue and how to work with it. After all, as the saying goes: can’t change the situation – change your attitude towards it. It’s easy to say, but as a rule, not so easy to make, and yoga provides a system of specific techniques. Because Yoga – it is the path of conscious change.

4. Yoga harmonizes the relationship in society

There is a misconception that yoga – it is the practice of asceticism and solitude. Modern bubbling society – it’s part of our world, and yoga helps to live more harmoniously in the world. Yoga will teach you to look at life and the events from different angles, and it can help improve your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and other people around you. It gives You tools for developing willpower, perseverance, determination, and tolerance, kindness and mercy — qualities which are so lacking in the modern world. Through the techniques of yoga You will gain control over the mind and get rid of obsessions and unwanted habits that prevent POPsDenmark harmonious relationship. While practicing yoga, you will understand what it means to live in harmony with the world and its true natureDOI, spirit or “I”. In yoga, there’s everything you need to ensure that theto harmonize and improve your life.

5. Yoga teaches mindfulness in personal development and not only

While practicing yoga, you learn to understand themselves and the world around you. Yoga practice gives strength and wisdom that will allow you to celebrate any life and even crisis situations with clarity of mind and calmness of spirit. Through yoga will increase your sensitivity to selftion of physiological rhythms, your senses will gain urgency, develop the intuition. But more importantly, yoga will bring you to the contact with the spiritual realness, which is the source of your inner strength, understanding yourself, your true desires and how to achieve them.

6. Yoga is combined with other disciplines

Although yoga is self-discipline, it is combined with any other form of sportsNoi or physical activity, including aerobics and weightlifting. Yoga will not prevent the practice of any mental disseem, including scientific activity, or perhaps a game of chess. The uniqueness of yoga in that it not only IPconcluding compatible with other types of activity, but also helps to achieve success in them.

7. Yoga is simple and affordable

Yoga — this is not a discipline where success is the effort and sweat (unless you are practicing some modern types of yoga, similar to aerobics). Yoga allows you to practice with pleasure, actually feeling the needs of the body. The practice of yoga rather creates additional time than inconsumed him, — will agree, is a huge advantage in loadedtion and stressful life of modern people!