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How to win sports too lazy


I first encountered the persistent reluctance to go to the gym at about the end of the fourth year of training. A little earlier I didn’t want to drag in training large weights that are accustomed to do before. To its credit, I can say that most of the first symptoms sports laziness appear already not the first year of practice. What are its symptoms? First — unwillingness to work with significant weights, the athlete comes in a variety of lengths and changes the training program in favor of the weaker. Second — the desire to quickly slip away from the gym, not

doing the whole program.

Third — just not going to workout.

Due to the fact that several times I quit sports . and then again to come back to them, I can say with certainty that underlies such twitching. The biggest reason — any athlete have a least favorite exercise. For a long time for me to remain upgrades torso at the press — they need to do a lot of the time, with low weight. Since 4 years the place of the press took squats with a barbell. I was just too lazy to do them. Most often unloved exercise forces the athlete to reduce the training time, ignore it to run and even skip some of the training courses. I believe that you only need to perform the exercises like. Now, Brian Tracy Kiev and Odessa.

Therefore, all of the above I success was to replace. Squats — the leg press in a press machine, hack-squats and long jogs. With the press it is worse, it has to perform. But, to somehow diversify this exercise I occasionally instead of the traditional schemes 4×20 with the weights perform just one approach to maximum repetitions. Generally, to overcome laziness, caused by the needs of the unloved exercises, it is necessary to frequently change the entire training program. You can devote one day in some light exercise, such as Jogging, weight etc. Former boxers will find much joy in the work on the bags.

The second type of laziness — laziness, due to the need to work with heavy weights. Here everything is quite simple. You can change your workout program, preferring to work on the terrain. At most a couple of months You will again pull on a lot of weight. Finally laziness caused by the global fatigue can be overcome by simply launching the workout for a couple weeks. Or substantially changing it, for example, switching to swimming lessons or morning/evening runs.

Finally, sports laziness may be due to General fatigue. In this case, I recommend to start drinking complex vitamins. Especially in late winter early spring — during the peak moments. It is at these times I always had the appearance of a desire to end the workout.

In rare cases, the cause of sports laziness may become a usual habit to go to the gym in the company of friends. When she breaks up — someone goes out of small sports — the desire to train with the remaining sharply reduced. Especially if there are only one person. There is only one — to learn to do alone. After a couple of months everything is back to normal.

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