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Lose weight correctly – Nordic walking


I think to lose weight and get cheerfulness can only doing a run? Fashionable and efficient alternative – Nordic walking lessons.

In Nordic walking (NW) 20 million fans in different countries (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands). Russia is no exception. Today in the parks, embankments can often see people walking with poles similar to ski. Contraindications to the practice virtually none. Train can even pregnant, very full, and the elderly. The main thing – to observe the execution and the initial to listen (and repeat traffic!) coach.

With Nordic walking you can:

To lose weight, tighten the figure;

To normalize the level of blood pressure;

To reduce the number of “bad” cholesterol in the blood;

To strengthen the muscles and improve the functioning of the lungs;

To improve the immune system, memory;

Sleep better and boost self-confidence.

Step stress

Irina, editor, 34 years

When I was offered “to polegate” together with the Russian Nordic walking trainer, I gladly agreed. Already a couple of years travelers have been fitness, excellent load! For example, in Croatia and Montenegro to train on embankments, – a pleasant sea breeze and the scent of lavender is particularly set to relaxing mood. And in Austria it’s great to walk through the picturesque forests, climb uphill. To take sticks rental is not difficult, they produce almost every hotel. Many foreigners, by the way, come with your inventory.

How to start an ordinary job? Of course, with a warm-up. First together with the coach all members of the group doing simple squats, pull muscles of the legs, back, doing turns and inclinations of the torso. After the master Nordic walking explained beginners how to hold the sticks (not as much as skiing!) and how to walk. It is important that the foot is gently rolled from heel to the nose, do not put the whole foot on the ground. According to fitness trainer during the workout, you can reach speeds of up to 5-6 and even 9 km/h. But, unlike running, the axial load on the joints and the spine there is not such a shock. During my fairly frequent back pain this way of training has become a real salvation. The doctors forbade me to run.

After 20 minutes of class on the cheeks a blush (it said my colleague Valeria, which first came to class Nordic walking).

Like all girls, I always want to lose “those” 2-3 kilograms. Even if the readings of the arrow on the scales make me happy, it never hurts to get rid of excess weight. But for me the main thing was that the walk helps to relieve stress, to relax. After class I feel relaxed, I don’t suffer from insomnia, increases efficiency. In fact these workouts have become my individual (and effective!) by way of meditation.

I will give advice to newcomers – be not afraid. At first, it feels right to walk not, hands and feet “go” to inconsistency, the legs do not have time for sticks, elbows protruding. It’s okay, not terrible. Compared with the results that await you after months of training, all passed already seems insignificant.

Another point: the classes are very easy, everyone goes at their own pace. Anybody anywhere does not drive. Those who mastered the technique, you can try your hand at special classes where the trainer provides a unique mix of cardio and weight training.

Everything is under control

Valeria, 24, associate editor:

Frankly, the use of Nordic walking for me was obvious. As “pumping” thanks to walking with two sticks. However, once again convinced: you can’t judge a book by its cover.

My first lesson began with the selection of sticks. Here, as in snowboarding and skiing, it all depends on growth. In addition, we had to deal with a special strap design on arms – a lanyard. At first it was unclear where to put the brush, and where to fix the Velcro. After all the rookies out to the “props”, the coach started coaching. Never thought I’d have to learn to walk again. Back keep right if the left leg forward, right arm forward, the foot needs to roll from heel to toe, if you push yourself, the press is tense, with every step, one arm is moved back, it was at this point need to unclench the hand, release the stick and then catch it, sticks it cannot be put forward or back – head spin! The lesson I followed closely to my sticks went home, was the right thing, stop the “rolled”, but the hardest part was to let go of the stick. My brain and body, not accustomed to such actions, could not concentrate and begin to coordinate their work. As a result, we stick kolokotsa me instead to serve as a support, I forget to relax the hand. Sometimes I messed up, had to stop to take the original position and start over. Immersed in thoughts about how well or repel each other with sticks, I did not notice that an hour had passed. Only at the end of the workout I realized that very tired. But now I know: people are so ridiculous and absurd walking in the parks with chopsticks, spend a tremendous amount of energy. Probably will replace the treadmill in your sport plan for Nordic walking. And nagging knee will save, and will bring variety, because NW is not forbidden routes.

Nastya Poletaev, Director of the Moscow school of Nordic walking

People decide to get rid of extra pounds for different reasons: someone from fatigue, others – to look stunning in fashionable dress, and for someone diet become generally familiar part of life.

I’m not a fan of diets, so I do not recommend to drastically limit their food intake. It is a personal choice. I can say that the best option – fitness. For example, if you regularly go with sticks, 2-3 times a week minimum for an hour at speeds of at least 6-7 km/h, you will begin to lose weight 2-3 kg per month. According to doctors this pace of weight loss is optimal.

To calculate the load during Nordic walking.

Moderate aerobic, your heart rate of 180 minus your age; 60-80 minutes

Intense aerobic: the Pulse is 200 minus your age; 40-60 minutes.