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The benefits of swimming in osteochondrosis


Swimming is considered a universal sport that treats almost all diseases, and restore overall vitality of the body. The combination of minimal external loads and physical relaxation, and work virtually every muscle in your body – this is the feature which you cannot achieve in any other classes. For example, running is the training of the hands and feet, the press is a static load on his stomach and chest, and during the voyage are working all the muscles and even internal systems, such as circulatory and respiratory. But special attention should be paid to the positive effects of swimming in osteochondrosis.

Why swimming effectively?

Now, many scientists began to sound the alarm, assessing the current state of things, when every third person suffers from degenerative disc disease, and every second also began to show mild symptoms, while he does not associate with bad backs. And doctors concluded that these ailments are caused by standing upright and sedentary lifestyle of modern man, explaining that animals and fish do not suffer from degenerative disc disease. And advising their patients to use the pool, they confirm the need of swimming including its benefits:

• in water, the spine is maximally relaxed, and the movement of the body occurs naturally;

• vertebrae straightened, and disappears slouch;

• improves the function of the respiratory system and normalizes blood circulation, thereby reducing the pressure in cervical osteochondrosis and “saturate” the cells of the inner organs with necessary nutrients;

• the body healthy by improving metabolism and emotional discharge.

It’s also worth noting that researchers conducted an experiment in patients with different degenerative disc disease – lumbar, polysegmental, neck, etc. were measured before the swim and after it. Surprisingly, after 45 minutes of swimming the growth of almost all patients increased by 0.5-1.5 cm, indicating excellent effect of this sport.

Basic rules of navigation for diseases of the back

However, to choose the style of swimming is required in accordance with the kind of back pain, so it is important to learn some rules:

• most preferred styles are on the back or “brass”, when you can maximize the unfoldment of the spine;

• in breast osteochondrosis it is advisable to only swim on my back;

• if a person does not know how to swim, then you can use a circle or a pillow, but it is better to abandon soft water jacket;

• also it should be alternated swimming in a fun exercise with a water pillow – first, you have to hold it in your hands and swim 30-100 meters, working only with their feet, and then hold the pillow in your legs and swim the same distance, but only by hand;

• it is important to learn to breathe correctly, which should take the advice of an experienced coach;

• exercises should be alternated with rest on the water when you can just lie on your back, and swim, making lazy hand movements with minimal muscular exertion.

In practice, when you visit the pool 2-3 times a week, you can not only get rid of the back pain, but also to prevent the development of other diseases, to make the muscles stronger, and overall, improve the body.