Paradoxical breathing exercises
  Doctor from Novosibirsk Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko called his system the treatment of asthmatic diseases and their derivatives volitional elimination of deep breathing — BLGD. The paradox of the developed…

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Recipes side dishes
  The dinner was considered complete and proper, it must contain main dishes, recipes of which are the biggest section of the cooking. If you want to learn about the…

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Festive salads

Cooking must cook every woman. Delicious, elegant and festively decorated snacks – this is no ordinary food. Salads on the holiday table is the main highlight of the whole holiday. On the eve of any holiday or other event, every woman starts looking on the Internet for new recipes of delicious salads. Our  decided to facilitate the search for suitable recipes and collect the most interesting and popular recipes, holiday salads in one place.

Only at our  you can find these recipes, the common ingredients you can cook a real masterpiece, and the usual salads to make more tasty and unique, thanks to the addition of new ingredients. Salads on the holiday table with  will make the description more understandable and accessible.

For salads on the holiday can be used a variety of products: fish, seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals, cheese, canned food, crackers and even pasta. Almost none of the salad is not complete without fresh greens – celery, dill, parsley, green onions. Salads, holiday recipes you can find on  with fruits and vegetables can be prepared not only for holiday, but on a weekday.

Many delicious salads thanks to its composition that have a positive impact on the appetite of each person, so these dishes you need to cook and serve during the festival. You can cook on the table, salads, vegetables and fruits, spicy Korean salads or more nutritious salads with a variety of ingredients and sauces.

Using festive salads recipes with in this section and you will be able from the most conventional of ingredients to make the real miracle of culinary art, spending not much of your efforts and free time. And the usual salad recipes will have a new taste and appearance, if you arm yourself with our recommendations, added to salads some new ingredient or an unusual sauce.

Planning my menu for the upcoming festive meal, it is desirable to impress invited guests a great variety of dishes. Very easy and tasty vegetable and fruit salads are sure to appeal to those guests who wish to satisfy the hunger before the main courses. The great demand for delicious salads for the holiday table made from hearty fish and meat ingredients.

Every experienced housewife has their own tricks for selecting suitable salads for the holiday table, allowing them to have a special power over each guest. For example, fish and meat salads very quickly saturate the guests at the table, giving them more confidence.

Going into this section of our and you can find the recipes of salads on the holiday table for any occasion, be it a children’s birthday party, a business event, New year or other holidays. Here every woman can find the recipes according to your taste and products that are available as well as free time that is available for cooking holiday meals.

Beautifully decorated salads will create a positive mood during the holiday. Simple salads holiday is very diverse. Salads to prepare, using any exotic ingredients do not need additional decoration. Even plain, but original decorated can become a real masterpiece of cooking.

Cooking with you can find us on  is opportune to add some fun to all your holiday menu. Salads with step-by-step Photosgrapheme can help you not only to prepare, but unusual to decorate salads.