Dishes for Christmas
Dishes for Christmas and New year What a New Year without sweets, especially if you have children who are waiting for the moment when the adults will be cut chic,…

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The beneficial effects of honey on human body
  In ancient times, when primitive man tried the honey, he became a favorite and tasty treat. Time passed and the doctors noticed that the use of this product may…

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Celebrations of the world with a share of craziness

Every holiday in the world is notable for its originality, contains nuggets of the mentality of certain people, continues the cultural traditions of their ancestors. I think that celebrating the New year or Valentine’s Day You a distinctive and original? “No,” will answer You Spaniards and Finns, Thais and Americans, Indians and Japanese. And not only they. To a very big surprise, in the world there are many strange and unusual holidays that we don’t even realize. So will open the door to a world of astonishing celebrations right now, maybe one of these holidays You’ll be pleased and You will go to a country for a significant share of adrenaline and fun.

Say, “Cheese!”. Hard to imagine, but the British, despite their notorious restraint, able to have fun with… the head cheese. For this, the last Monday in may, created the Festival runs from the head cheese. This specific competition in which you need to quickly descend down the hill at the head of Gloucester cheese. Who catches the cheese, apprentice. Of course, competition is not without injuries, however, everyone is happy, and the event has become an annual event.

“Idiot to your health!”. This is exactly what You would say to the inhabitants of the town of Egremont (UK), because every September there is an international festival for the birth. But you need to be prepared mentally, as people there are going to desperate. The history of the holiday asserts that one of the participants named Peter Jackson once pulled out all her teeth for the sake of victory. Therefore, in order to win You have to really try and not to harm health.

Rojo como un tomate or red as a tomato. It turns out that to become one, you can not only shame, but also on the fun at the festival “La Tomatina” in Spain. Every last week of August in the East of Spain in the town of Buñol you can get a tomato in the face and say the same. There is a real “tomato” war. The holiday was founded by accident when in 1945 careless guys offended party parade, which lasts one week prior to the “Tomatina”. He kept his head and threw them in the tomato, because the only thing it was possible to deal with them, are vegetables from the nearby shops. The police, of course, dealt with hooliganism, but the thrill of the incident made the offended and offenders to meet in the next year and to make a “tomato” war without negative reason.

All the best… matakam! The grateful residents of Lopburi (Thailand) annually fed to satiation macaques that live in the area of Khmer temple Prang Sam Yot. The so-called monkey Banquet is carried out in the last weekend of November. People thank macaques because they attract hundreds of tourists, because in lop Buri monkeys roam freely around the city and amuse others.

Men’s day in Japanese. In Japan men was slightly renamed to Day of naked men. A small adjustment had a significant impact on his celebration. Actually, the essence of the holiday of Hadak Matsuri cleansing. The Japanese believe that the cold cleanses both body and soul. A procession of naked men (only with loincloths) occurs on the third Saturday of February and the cold there certainly can not be avoided. Here and use this the Japanese, and by midnight the priests of the temple of Saidaiji come out to throw into a crowd of lucky charms that will ensure an excellent future catches.

The harsh Finnish men. Don’t know how to spend fun time with your other half? Then You are in Finland. Finns invented championship drag lovers. The origins of the championship relate to the Viking era, and the tradition has survived until the present time. The fact is that only a strong and hardy man in the 19th century could steal the bride. This championship gives you the opportunity to prove himself to anyone, he ran 250 m with your favorite neck through obstacles. But do not rush to a test of strength. If Your fiancee weighs less than 49 kg, and the years she has less than 17, then You will not be allowed to compete. Too easy to be a burden.

Alarm! Walk the streets of zombies! Seen zombies in movies? Here’s the real story. Don’t be surprised if a walk in downtown Boston one day will be your dream come true. Americans simply like to arrange a March of zombies. There is no established date, the time depends only on the willingness of fans zombies. They come up with interesting and frightening at the same time outfits and roam the streets, arranging real Zombiland.

Above the sky. Whose childhood dream was to be a bird, on the Feast of people-birds in the town of Bognor (UK). Just come with homemade wings and fly above the water surface as far as possible. The most “volatile” is the winner.

This list can continue and to be sure that there will be a couple dozen interesting and funny holidays from all over the world. The main thing to remember is that to make the festival possible each day. Any of us is able to organize such a popular phenomenon of the flash mob, which potentially may become a traditional holiday. Happiness and joy is contagious, and, no doubt, very useful.