That means running for your consciousness
Although running is good for our spirit, we tend to think of it as a purely physical action. This is not so. Feet can carry us, hands help us move…

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Dosed physical load
  The methodology of the work load Before conducting a load test is necessary to evaluate the patient's condition and to pay special attention to the following factors. Complaints and…

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What are the holidays? Unusual

Sometimes an ordinary day seems quite dull. We miss you, and at the other end of the world or even somewhere close at this time there is some kind of festive event, people partying and having fun to the fullest.

People – essentially eccentric of creation, and can’t live without merry meeting. Because coming up with the most unusual holidays that spark all good mood. To them we are prepared in advance: send an invitation to friends, buy fashionable clothes or cook a delicious meal. But there are some celebrations that are unexpected and surprise reckless, but good deeds.

For example, international hug day twenty-first of January. this day you can go outside any city and cuddle with strangers. It’s unusual, but I assure you, it’s nice. Get a boost of positive energy that makes you want to dance. And you realise you are not alone in this world.

As the sixth of July in bworld kiss day you can kiss not only relatives, but also any vending woman or handsome young man. Of course, no one can guarantee that one of your cheeks after not “light up” a bright flame from slapping strangers. b any case, do not be shy. bed this kiss Day has long been recognised and, therefore, in a sense, you are eligible for the kiss.

In order not to miss between ceremonial dates, we will meet other fun holidays. The eleventh of January, – the international thank you day. Thank relatives and friends for the best that they have done for you. Or just look at the sky, shouting: “my God! Thanks for that I was born did something on this earth. Thank you for the fate, whatever it was. Thank you all! Thanks for everything!”

Seventeenth February, want you or not, but there will come a Day of spontaneous acts of kindness. It’s a chance for everyone to perform good deeds towards other people, animals, even plants. bs can someone to buy a gift, glue peeled the bark off the tree, put the old lady across the street or help a woman to bring the products home. World a variety of good deeds, you name it. The main thing – feel free to do good, and it will be rewarded to you with the same.

And the ninth of June is celebrated the international day of friends. Don’t forget to go to visit a friend, chat on the phone with a friend or arrange for friends music party. Will aplasias enough, will sing songs about loyalty and friendship. If such entertainment is not like them, you alone will remember about meetings with friends, write them a letter or send the message that you are all well, what if we want to.

The next date will smile to you the fifth of October in bworld smile day. Can smile from morning to night to himself, looking in the mirror. Be careful with a bad boss, but remember that he is also human. Giving a smile on your wife or husband, his or other people’s children. Don’t forget about Pets. Maybe they do not know how to smile, how the people, but believe me, they feel good good mood. And don’t forget the most important – the smile is as necessary on other days.

Twenty-first of November in bworld Hello day – expanse your emotions. can tell you, it is polite to say or to sing at the meeting “Hello”, “Hello”, “good day” of any person. Byucie greetings in a foreign language. It’ll be fun, will not leave anyone indifferent to the message of the good Samaritan in your face.

b around the world constantly held amazing parties. Look in the events calendar, choose a date and go with light baggage to Spain on the Day of the Tomatina. There the inhabitants of the village of buñol to throw at each other with tomatoes.

Then fly to America, Georgia, where he will jump and run in the rain from the paint. But the Indian festival in new Delhi for a swim in the pools of multi-colored clay. If by chance playing the hero scary in the clay, we put ourselves behind the “orange battle” in Italy and for the sake of mischief left their fruit. You can go to England to catch a ten-pound block of cheese that is rolled from a mountain.

When you get tired from vigorous body movements, reinforced on the Monkey Banquet in lop Buri (India) or sit on a Viking ship with a dragon on the nose, to sail from Scotland, home to the night of Ivan Kupala.balong with other clubbers “happiness” jump over the fire and yell: “Umm, well made! Life is beautiful! Salute us that still crave for good looks, cheerful smiles and bright holidays!”

b different times we experience love, friendship, anything that brings joy to the heart and soul peace. We are happy when getting married, when not sick, our children are happy about the gifts of friends on birthdays and anniversaries. We walk on the street under the handle with elderly parents, adored by humans or animals, meet to watch the sunrise or evening sunset.

bthis time our hearts I eagerly waiting for surprising changes, and such moments can be called the “Feast”. So choose any date in the year – and invite your friends to celebrate it with you!