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6 ideas for Breakfast

6 ideas for Breakfast

Breakfast – a great opportunity to not only saturate the body before work, but also to show their creativity, pleased loved ones simple but delicious dishes. For You excellent selection of breakfasts for all occasions!

1. Men’s Breakfast

You will hardly find a man who limited himself to a Cup of yogurt and a Cup of coffee. Men needed a hearty Breakfast. Casserole is a good choice.

There are countless variants of this dish from various ingredients. And the additional benefits of morning casseroles that with it you can “recycle”the remains of yesterday’s dinner.

Pasta with zucchini, cottage cheese, potato casserole with meat (as meat can be boiled meat from the broth, cut into pieces, cutlets, or chicken), mushrooms (including salt) is just a couple of ideas for casseroles.

Casserole of pasta with meat


250-300 g pasta (or 500-600 g cooked)

350 g minced meat

1 onion

2-3 eggs

130 ml cream

250 g of cheese


The evening boil the pasta and fry the minced meat with chopped onion. In forcemeat can add chopped thin strips bacon or diced zucchini or tomatoes.

In the morning only to take refractory form, lubricate it with oil, on the bottom put half of the macaroni.

Mix the eggs, cream, finely grated cheese (a little cheese to leave for topping).

On top of pasta pour half of the mixture, put the beef on top of the remaining pasta and pour the mixture of cream and eggs, sprinkle with cheese.

Bake in the oven until the mixture thickens and the cheese on top will not turn brown.

The dish has a little brew, then it should be cut into portions and serve.

For people engaged in active physical labor, for athletes and for those who regularly visits the gym.


Cut the meat into thin slices and quickly fry on both sides until Golden brown. Tomatoes cut into circles.

In an ovenproof form to put the meat on top of tomatoes. Beat eggs with milk, add a pinch of salt.

Pour egg mixture over meat, sprinkle with grated cheese, place in preheated oven or microwave for 15 minutes. Before serving garnish with greens.

And a couple of reception – eggs in baskets and cheese omelets ; Italian food recipes Frittata well-suited to protein Breakfast.

2. Diet Breakfast

For those who are watching their weight and used to count every calorie in your diet, offer two light salads.

The ingredients you need to cook with in the evening and in the morning there will be only a quick chop, season and serve tasty, low-calorie salads, rich in vitamins and minerals, so necessary for your beauty.