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Festival of national cultures

Motto: everyone Has at home something like that, what you want to say in the hearing (M. Prishvin).

1. Objective: improving the culture of inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic relations in the younger generation, familiarizing students with the traditions of national cultures through the arts around the world.

• nurturing friendly relations to each other,

• to generate interest in the culture, national traditions and customs of different countries,

• to develop creative and communication skills,

• include in the process of working on a large project teams of students.

3. Form:

• exhibition of drawings

• country presentations – our neighbors

4. The organizer of the festival . SCHOOL № 9

5. Participants:

students 1-4; 5-6; 7-9 classes

6. The jury:

Deputy Director for BP – Opalco T. N. Deputy Director of OIA – Mysina O. V. master of fine ARTS Vladimir Chumakov

Cool neo groups bhodemon:

– Choose the nation they will be representing at the festival;

– Collect information about the culture of the chosen people;

– To participate in the drawing competition (grades 1-4) and Newspapers(grades 5-9) his nationality;

– to prepare a presentation for 10-15 minutes, reflecting the culture of a specific nation;

The timing of the festival:__________

Criteria for evaluating speeches:

Complete reflection of culture, chosen people;

A creative approach to the presentation;




Summarizing and rewarding

The winners of the festival are awarded in each age group diplomas 1, 2, 3 degrees.

The jury reserves the right in identifying the winners to create the category.

The script of the festival of national cultures (grades 1-4)

Leading 1. Our festival in a single dance Here will gather people from all corners of the Earth to the people’s heart cute That Homeland with thee we call .


Presenter 1:

Russia – my Motherland! These words can say people

different Nations and nationalities that live in Russia, and there are more than 100 peoples living on the territory of our country. It’s the Russians and Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhs, Tatars, Moldavians;

Anchorman 2. Azerbaijanis, Georgians and Armenians, the Buryats and the Evenks and many, many other and very different people. They all speak different languages, have their own national traditions and believe in different gods, but they have in common with you and me is love for our homeland.

Leading 1. But neobyatny than our country is the entire globe, which is inhabited by countless peoples and Nations.

Anchorman 2. All around the globe 226 States, but the number of ethnic groups and nationalities from 3 to 5 thousand.

Leading 1. The culture of each nation has its value and uniqueness. And despite the fact that different peoples live in different States, we all have our common Home – the Earth. And no border will not stop us from being friends, to communicate and to love.

Anchorman 2. Each class collected information about the culture of one of the chosen of the people living on our planet. And today will present it for your consideration at this stage.

Of the Vedas.1. Russia – a country of ancient culture and great spirituality, rich in history, customs, traditions of the peoples inhabiting it. The centuries-old friendship of the people is always an important achievement of all Russians!

Anchorman 2. First, we invite you on this stage 2 students and class that represent the culture of the Russian people.

Of the Vedas.1. I live in Russia different people for a long time.

One – taiga liking, the Other – the endless steppe.

2. Each nation has a language of its own and outfit.

One – chokha is one, the Other is wearing a Bathrobe.

1. One fisherman from birth, the Other reindeer herder.

One Mare prepares, the Other prepares the honey.

2. One more lovely autumn, Others – mile spring.

And the homeland –Russia we all Have one!

On the territory of our country is inhabited by the Bashkirs. About us tell them the students of class 1 b.

Of the Vedas.1. Immediate neighbours of our state in the South is Kazakhstan. We invite to the stage 1 students and class.

Of the Vedas.2. Our festival continues. Russia welcomes guests. The Russian soul is open to dialogue and understanding. Our guest – Japan is an amazing country, about the culture which we tell the guys 3 a class.

Of the Vedas.1. And finally, meet France. On stage 4 and the class.

Of the Vedas.1. That came to the end of our festival, the purpose of which was to show that different cultures roots grow into each other, complement and enrich one another. All peoples should live in peace and friendship, because we all come from the same roots.

Of the Vedas.2. Maybe not all we had, maybe not everything turned out. But the main thing happened. We saw that the world around us is so diverse that we don’t like each other, but we have so much in common.

2. Now we have friends all over the planet.

For peace and life we are all responsible.