Simple salads with crab sticks
I like to cook simple salads with crab sticks. On the mouth-watering dishes, time out quite a bit, and to file such foods can even for the festive table. The…

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Unusual wedding even more pleasant experience
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How to eat exotic foods

Nutritionists have long argued about the benefits and dangers of exotic foods and dishes, but it never came to a single opinion. In any case, if you decided to discover something new and exotic to eat, there needed to be some caution.

Are there any imported fruits?

Most doctors agree on the idea that nutrition needs different products, including imported, they should not be frightened. After all, when even bananas and oranges we have at home was considered an incredible exotic, today these products have become almost an integral part of our diet. No one disputes that it is beneficial for health and contain many vitamins and nutrients. Of course, such exotic, lychee and kumquats, every day we do not eat. And without them can easily do. But it’s so delicious! Sometimes why not treat yourself to an unusual and healthy dessert? Of course, we must not forget that exotic products occurs more often allergic than local, because of their strangeness to the body. And eating disorders after the use of “exotics” happen more often. The body may react negatively to the foreign product. So be careful with a variety of exotic.

Use tropical fruit

Tropical fruits, essential nutrients contained in them, should be part of the diet of any person. Especially not in a season when local fruits are already there or from long-term storage, the vitamin content in them decreased significantly. The world health organization have conducted numerous studies to conclude that eating lots of fruit reduces the risk of cancer of the esophagus, stomach and lung, and possibly reduces the risk of cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, colon, rectum, larynx, kidney and bladder.

How to eat on vacation in exotic countries

If you go on vacation somewhere in Thailand or India, of course, you will want to try something new, to eat exotic dishes. Do not deny yourself this pleasure. However, you need to follow certain rules of caution, so as not to poison substandard or stale food and not get infected with any infectious disease. Thus, for example, it is known that in several regions of China are very high risk to get severe helminthic infection. Worms are easily transmitted through seafood, some kinds of fish, snakes and frogs. In addition, remember that upon arrival to rest the body of the traveler weakened by jet lag, changing time zones and long moving, and therefore particularly prone to different kinds of disease. What is not:

Ready-made salads, especially if eaten raw and cooked products. Too overcooked dishes.

Nedodelannye meat – it may have Toxoplasma.

Exotic dishes from meat of dogs, frogs, snakes, etc.

Spicy sauces.

Seafood or fruit, if they have a stale look and smell.

Desserts with fat cream.

It is better to choose:

Fresh vegetables, which can be to cut and pour oil and vinegar (not mayonnaise).

Fresh fruit.

Lactic acid products.


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