Crazy holidays in the world
Was walking through the forest man. Suddenly from the thicket runs grey wolf and says: - Man, I'll eat you! - For what? - Just like that. - Don't eat…

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7 reasons to practice yoga
Yoga is an invaluable gift for a clever man - she help him to become wise. Sage's she going to do by God. Stupid people approach this practice inevitably turns…

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Carnivals in Italy


Over the successful conduct of the Venetian Carnival working the major cultural organizations of the city: the Biennale, Teatro La Fenice and Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The carnival, which will take place under the strict artistic direction of Marco Balik, will be called the “Sensation: 6 districts x 6 senses”. The festival programme – many activities in each of these areas will follow the routes, is most closely associated with the world of the senses.


Viareggio (province of Lucca, region Tuscany)

The protagonist of the Carnival in Viareggio will continue to be the Burlamacco. The Foundation of the Carnival celebrates its centenary of his ideological “dads”, artist and futurist, uberto Bonetti, and honors the very famous mask, which since 1931 is the official face of the Carnival.



Under the traditional singing pipes and drums will begin festivities, the culmination and the most long-awaited event which is Orange carnage (Battaglia delle Arance). This fruit-military-entertainment event brings together the major urban areas of all local residents and symbolizes the struggle for freedom, the essence of being juraskova Carnival. Orange carnage, no kidding, ranks among the holidays, beloved and popular not only in Italy but also in the foreseeable limits.



Busseto-Parma (Emilia Romagna)

Busseto has long been renowned as the city of carnival; the carnival – the soul and the history of this city. First carnivals in Busseto, have been held since the mid-nineteenth century, but sometimes they ceased from war. The feast was going to the inhabitants of the town and all the neighboring villages, dressed up in costumes and masks, staged a parade of allegorical carts and painted horses. In our days the people of Busseto celebrate their carnival to a tee, as well as a half century ago. The streets are moving huge festive carriages, marching brass bands, strolling costumed and masked. Since 1998 for Carnival cook real masterpieces made of papier-mache.


Cento (province of Ferrara, region Emilia Romagna)

The most important and interesting at the festival in Cento – it is allegorical carts that have a whole year to prepare six carnival associations challenging in a difficult festive competition the main prize. This is one of the oldest Italian carnivals, stretching its folk roots in the depth of the seventeenth century, and from 1933 he was a sworn brother to the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. So celebrations in the lovely Italian town are in a mad Brazilian rhythm Sambo with light brown feathered dancers (but no wild monkeys).


Castiglion of Fibocchi – Arezzo (Tuscany)

Carnival Dei Fili di Bock is famous for its traditional night festivals, carnivals in the moonlight, magic shows and magic squares, costumes and masks of the Baroque era, as well as tasty treats in honor of the King of Bock.


January 17 – February 24, 2009

Offida – Ascoli Piceno (Marche region)

Carnival in the town of Offida, incidentally, has been celebrated since the seventeenth century and the whole centers around two events. This hunt for “Lu Bov Fint” (fake bull) and the procession of “Vlurd” burning of bundles. The first main event happens early evening Sunday of Maslenitsa and represents the battle of bull strikingly similar panonsky corrida (Spain). A few days earlier, on Tuesday pancake week, is a ritual of purification before lent (in Italian Quaresima): the town crosses the procession carrying lighted bundles of reeds.


Acireale-Catania (Sicily)

The carnival in Acireale not in vain is considered the most famous and colorful carnival in Sicily. It flows through the streets of the city centre, rebuilt in the Baroque style, yet will not spill out onto the splendid Piazza Duomo. For allegorical carts should be a fun festive crowd, body and soul by participating in common uncontrollable merriment. This holiday twinned with the Carnival of Viareggio and its program is always informative and interesting.


Mamoiada – Nuoro (Sardinia)

Carnival in Mamoiada – one of the most ancient folk holiday celebrated on the island of Sardinia. During the Carnival perform traditional dances, processions and “Mamuthones” and “Issohadores” – two traditional Sardinian masks. The appearance of the mask “Juvanne Martis Sero” indicates the end of the holiday. Sunday of Maslenitsa this doll are hoisted onto a cart and wheeling around campus. Instead of oxen or horses harnessed to the wagon of people who mourn the deceased Juvanne inconsolable and sing songs.

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Festive salads
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