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“Russian student spring” became the brightest event of may


Two thousand students, sixty-regions – participants of all-Russian festival, not to mention the jury, the volunteers and the spectators. As it turned out, the youth arts enjoys an enviable popularity.

Last Friday, may 15, at the stadium of FEFU campus long-awaited event for many – Grand opening of the XXIII all-Russian festival «Russian student spring”. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky, the Senator from Primorsky Svetlana Goryacheva, Chairman of the Russian Council of youth Pavel Sergey Lavrov, Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, Mr Kaganov and more than three thousand people.

In absentia the opening ceremony was attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin – the meeting was opened with sent to the head of state telegram. «Student spring” gives young people a chance to Express themselves, to demonstrate their abilities in various fields — the music and choreography, theater arts and journalism. And, of course, “Student spring” — it is always bright, memorable holiday. I’m sure this forum will be held with great success, will be a notable event in the cultural and social life of Primorye. You can discover the good experience and the participants of the festival and its guests», – stated in the message of the President. Strong impression to the guests and participants and became the concert program of the festival opening – the headliner was made by many favorite band “Mumiy Troll”.

On Friday began the work of all the competition venues of the festival. The participants were divided in six areas: dance, music, and other performing arts, performing arts, journalism and regional programs.

The first (even before the official opening) start to work direction “Journalism”, based on educational television Studio FEFU. It brought together representatives of 15 regions, competing for the right to prove its uniqueness among the best.

Theater-goers and lovers of the scene met at the Pushkin theater. Yekaterinburg contestants Trofim Khmelevsky and Pavel Konstantinov said: “When you stop worrying, so you don’t have to act – anxiety before the speech is natural and even necessary”.

On average, conference hall FEFU campus have settled a dance area. Contest performances began with the national dance, and if in the beginning of the program, the hall was quiet enough, by the end the audience actively supported speakers, primarily Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, coastal and Samara delegation (in the direction were 45 teams). By the way, there were not only performances, but also workshops: dancing in the style of hip-hop and modern.

Musical direction gave the blue concert hall FEFU campus. The jury appreciated 61 rooms, presented in six categories. By the way, half of all participants were in the nomination “Pop singing” and “Instrumental performance” was awarded to the sole bidder.

In the cultural and entertainment center of trade unions gathered chosen direction ’s Original genre”. After watching, went up to the stage Director and screenwriter, artistic Director of the children’s newsreel “jumble”, member of the jury Boris Grachevskiy: “I didn’t sleep last night because I was flying here. And thought I would sleep on the hits, and I like Korean Deputy Minister (he parade fell asleep), will shoot. But all the participants were so bright and interesting! I was all impressed, of course, in different ways. Thank you all, I really enjoyed”.

The direction “Regional”, which is traditionally considered to be the most spectacular and large-scale festival, received the status area in the history of the event, the state Primorsky theatre of Opera and ballet. The highlight of the program was the performance of coastal command. “We were prepared for long, about a week and a half. We unlike other delegations have numerical superiority, are involved in the production of about 120 people. The idea is that “the student spring festival” is a great event, and very cool to be here”, commented the head of the regional programme of the delegation Pavel Koval. Many others have focused on military-Patriotic room, remembering the motto of the festival this year – “Spring Victory”. Particularly stood out rooms folklore of the Northern teams.

“it is Impossible to discern any delegation, because in every program we saw a really strong number. Although I already have favorites, said a member of the jury Sergei Kharin, General Director of the producer center “Debut”. We thought, ‘Well from Vladivostok to fly far away and expensive, will be six programs”. But no! Brought, as usual, about 20 regional programmes, and we are shocked by this”.