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Unusual wedding even more pleasant experience

You decided to get married, but the traditional scheme of the wedding does not inspire you and you want something more memorable than invitations, decent restaurant, white dress, contests Toastmasters and the bride?

In recent times, an increasing number of newlyweds say that conventional wedding celebration is not interested in them and want something unusual, that leaves good memories and the newlyweds and guests.

Many weddings can already claim the title of “unusual”. History knows a wedding in the supermarket, and weddings under water, and in a space suit, and in knightly style in a suit of armor. Unusual wedding ceremonies are held on the tarmac when the couple is together skydive.

At the heart of unusual wedding, of course, is an unusual scenario. Individual scripts that are written separately for each unusual wedding, it is difficult to classify, but it is possible to identify the main sources of inspiration, from which the lovers of unusual weddings find ideas.

The scenario of the wedding, based on the book or the film

Wedding on a boat . decorated as a pirate schooner. Rum flows like water, and main dish menu – meat, grilled on a skewer. Or wedding on an ocean liner with the famous scene from the movie Titanic on the bow of the ship, starring the couple. Or a wedding in the style of “the Three Musketeers” with costumes of the era and pendants Queen as unusual and luxurious wedding gift. Or maybe you prefer a wedding in surrealistic style of “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll?

Theatrical production

A scenario such unusual weddings spelled the same as for theatrical productions. The theme defines the direction, the style, the colors, the characters, the costumes of the characters. The stylistic unity of the celebration is determined by the selected concept. The main roles are divided between the bride and groom, the images are based on the individual traits of the characters the newlyweds.

Extravagant trends in wedding scenarios

Gothic wedding or a wedding in the style of art Deco is the most vivid examples. Not everyone understands this style, but in the entertainment, uniqueness and memorability of such holiday shall not be offended nobody. The same can be said about the bike-weddings, when the bride and groom dressed in leather clothes, and the wedding procession consists exclusively of motorcycles. Or about scenarios weddings for Tolkien fans or fans of gang fights.

The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie married actor Josh Duhamel to the sounds of your favorite music – the rock ‘ n ‘ roll in the style which was planned this unusual wedding. The celebration took place in Malibu. Fergie and Josh decided to play a trick and made cards, which were drawn caricatures of the couple.

The historical elements of the era in the scenario of your wedding

Strict English wedding in the style of the Victorian era . Wedding in the Greek style or celebration where all styled XVIII century in Russia or of France, with the ladies in gorgeous dresses and courtly gentlemen.

Victoria Adams at her wedding to David Beckham wanted to feel like a real Princess, who won the Prince. At the wedding, the pair was seated on a gilded velvet thrones, and on their heads wore the crown. Subsequently, the more beautiful the ceremony has gained immortality in the book David & Victoria: An Invitation to a Wedding.

National color

Wedding in the Japanese style with all the costumes and the tea ceremony. Or a wedding in the Latin American style of music and great dancing. Eastern wedding with mesmerizing melodies and belly dancing. Or maybe you would like to recreate on your holiday carnival of Venice with magnificent costumes and masks?

Unusual wedding Marilyn Manson with Dita von Teese included the elements of Gothic, and historical periods, and national traditions. The celebration took place in an old Irish estate with a Gothic castle. Guests are warned that they were at a wedding in costumes a La the nineteenth century. As entertainment offered archery and falconry, and the Banquet was served traditional Irish dishes: pork on the spit, smoked salmon, oysters and prawns in Dublin.

Unusual place for a wedding can be decisive for the concept of the wedding scenario. Theatre, circus, art gallery, ship, airplane, beach, or even North pole – the most unusual places in the world can become decorations for your wedding ceremony.

Celebrities very often choose the place for the wedding ceremony ancient castles. Scottish castle Skibo Castle became the venue for the wedding of Madonna and guy Ritchie, as well as actress Ashley Judd and racer Dario Franchitti. Italian castle Odescalchi became famous thanks to the star’s wedding to Katie Holmes and Tom cruise. In the English Sudeley castle and the Indian Palace Uman Bhawan consistently held two wedding ceremonies millionaire Arun Nayar and British actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Whatever prompted your fantasy, as long as you feel comfortable and cozy during the ceremony. If you want an unusual holiday was a hundred, it is better not to neglect the help of professionals. Their experience and your imagination will create the most unusual, the best wedding is one that will be only you and nobody else in the world.

Think of everything – down to the extraordinary congratulations, relevant in the format of the holiday that you choose. And let this day be the first in your long and happy family life and will make it the same unusual, positive and bright, like a wedding celebration.

Text: Anna Berkutova / Photo: Fotolia/PhotoXPress.EN

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