Simple salads
Salad "the thorn birds" 1. Package of cherry tomatoes cut into halves. 2. Lettuce cut into medium-sized strips. 3. Onion cut into half rings. 4. Grate natiraem a bit, any…

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How to choose the best strength training equipment for home
  Training at home has many advantages. If You decide that home is the best place for Your training, your next step is to choose the equipment. Before viewing a…

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Bread in cooking


The vast majority of people eat bread. Eat it in addition to the main dish, spreading butter on it or turning it into crackers. But few thought about the fact that the bread may become one of the main ingredients of the dishes or to add a spicy touch. Below you will find brilliant ideas for using bread.

Bread pudding French toast

Instead of the usual use of cane sugar and add cinnamon

Bruschetta “Caprese”

Bruschetta with tomatoes,mozzarella and Basil is a typical Italian dish.

Flavored croutons for salad

Garlic croutons adds a spicy touch to any salad

Place a slice of rye bread with cheese in my onion soup

The combination of rye bread with melted cheese and onion soup – divine!

Prepare the breadcrumbs…

…. and use them to make meatballs

The meat mince and the other ingredients, add a little breadcrumbs and your meatballs will be even tastier

Use breadcrumbs for chicken Parmesan

Usually for this dish the chicken is just fried in butter. We suggest you make the batter in breadcrumbs and fry your chicken in it. Yummy!


Meatloaf the meat is very tasty of course, but you try to add the same breadcrumbs and learn how will change the taste of familiar dishes

Fish fillet in breadcrumbs

Well, it’s a well-known dish, you may say. But the Internet,this breading with a secret. Add to your bread crumbs Parmesan cheese, parsley and pepper and you don’t recognize the usual taste of the fish

Pasta “three cheese”

You have probably tried or heard about this dish. But hardly heard it did with the breadcrumbs. Open you a little secret, if you put the pasta al dente in a large flat pan, add to them three different kinds of cheese, and sprinkle breadcrumbs and put to be baked in the oven, then you for ears will not drag from this dish!

Cabbage or Kale, cheddar cheese and your favorite bread

This wonderful casserole will make you happy! Fry in butter cabbage Kale, then place in a large flat pan slices of your favorite bread, cover with a cabbage, and then add the cheese and repeat the same thing again. Beat the eggs with a little milk, mustard and salt and pour this mixture into the dish. Send it in the oven until cooked.

A delicious dish with bread, fennel and apples

Mix together two kinds of your favorite bread, salad onions, fennel, green apples and bake this yummy

Appetizer that will surprise you

You need mashed potatoes, chicken pieces, cranberry sauce, poached eggs and of course bread, which fry with garlic.

Bread pudding

The bread slices are filled with a sweet egg-milk mixture and baked in the oven. You can add raisins or other dried fruit. To do it’s best with stale bread. If the bread is fresh – cut slices and dry in the oven or toaster.

Spicy pudding

Prepared according to the same principle as that sweet, but without sugar. You can add leeks, artichokes and cheese

Use bread as a thickener for soup

Make a hot sandwich with cheese and herbs

Use it to make summer salad

Or dip toasted bread slices into the melted cheese

And when in doubt, make scrambled eggs in bread with avocado